Coupon Katie Teaching Budgeting Tips and Strategies at FREE Workshop September 15

What NowI am so thrilled to be involved with the “What Now? 7 Steps for Surviving Unemployment,” seminar and workshop that is being offer at the  Farragut Town Hall (in the Board Room) 11408 Municipal Center Drive (across from the Farragut Branch Post Office) on Tuesday September 15 at 6:30pm.

This FREE seminar and workshop is led by Stephen Arnold, Storehouse Advisory Group founder and financial planner.  Other presenters at this event will be experts in the insurance and human resources fields and me (of course)…teaching and discussing about ways to reduce your household budget.

If you have lost your job, know of someone that has, or if you desire to have the latest information regarding everything from 21st Century job hunting, to resume writing and insurance options to being a better Home Economist, then this seminar and workshop is for you.

This is a joint venture sponsored by the Town of Farragut and First Baptist Concord.

From the Town of Farragut’s website:

Participants will be equipped with practical tools for surviving unemployment, including effective stress management, making informed decisions, reducing expenses, leveraging trends in the job market, conducting a 21st century job search, getting your resume noticed and winning the interview.

Although the event is FREE, you need to register.

Register by Monday, September 14 at 865-966-7057

or contact Kathy Kervin at ( for more information.

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