Target: LeapFrog Alphabet Pal $.49

alphabetpalThis may be the best deal of the Christmas toy shopping season so far.

Toys R Us has a 2-Day Sale coming up (Fri 11/13 & Sat 11/14). The Leapfrog Alphabet Pal is on the front page of the flier for for $10.49 as a Doorbuster (Friday 3PM-12AM, and Sat 7AM-1PM). Stop by and pick up the sales flier.

Take that entire sales flier and go to Target. There you can use the Alphabet Leapfrog $10 off coupon from the in store Toy Coupon Book or print some from  Here. Target now price matches so you will get the Leapfrog Alphabet Pal for  only 49¢!!

You will have to take the sales flier to the Target customer service desk the very same day during the sale hours to get the deal. What an amazing price on some nice Christmas Gifts.

With that being said please be considerate and only buy as many as you need. Don’t be the one who goes in and clears the shelves and prevents others from getting a great deal too.

Thanks, Mo Jo Savings


  1. Their customer service department told me today that their policy is that they will accept coupons on a price match but that they would not price match this item. At the store they told me they would match the deal but that I couldn't use a coupon. If you are trying to be an honest couponer and follow store policies, this is very frustrating. How am I supposed to adhere to their policies when they don't even know what they are? For the record, this is why I rarely shop Target. Thanks for trying to share–it would have made a terrific Angel Tree gift. Fortunately, I know there's always another deal just around the corner!

  2. Toys R Us tore out the ad for the Leapster Alphabet Pal so no one could benefit from the sale!
    I will defintely be boycotting this store now! This is unfair!

  3. Wow. I was able to pick up three of them today with no problem. The cashier was very kind and actually impressed with the deal. He said it is fine to price match and use coupons. I am sorry you had trouble, but I like the positive attitude. More deals are always right around the corner.

  4. What Target did you get them at? The Target in Maryville went ballistic when we tried to use our coupon! He eventually agreed to price match, but then wouldn't let us use the coupon…saying that that would be giving it away!

  5. Had to ask for the sale ad at East Towne TRU…was behind counter.

    Had no luck at Target on Clinton Hwy…was stopped on my way to the register and told they won't PM a “doorbusters” ad….grrrr…I even had a corporate email from Target but nope…no deal. Oh well!

  6. Julie- That is weird, I had a friend tell me just a few minutes ago she got two at the Clinton Hwy store with no problem and another friend reported they were already out at the West Town Target.
    Kellye- I read the policy again, there is nothing in it that says you cannot use a coupon and PM. I was at the New Harvest Target but like I said I know other Targets have been doing it with no problem.
    I will send corporate an email tonight asking to clarify. I'll share the response for future reference.

  7. mmslattery says:

    Either all the Targets pulled the item or they sold out. I just called 3. So don't bother.

  8. No Alphabet Pals to be found at New Harvest Target after 7:30 PM.

  9. I also tried at the Clinton Hwy Target. Customer Service told me that it was a “special doorbuster salespaper” and not a weekly ad so they wouldn't price match. All that after I had scoured the aisles for >30 minutes and finally found one someone had set out on an endcap. I thought for sure the deal was working when I saw all the alphabet pals off the shelf. Oh well, better luck next time.

  10. When I read the policy online it states that they will not price match doorbusters and I think this was a doorbuster since it was only on sale for certain hours the past two days.

  11. When I read the policy online it states that they will not price match doorbusters and I think this was a doorbuster since it was only on sale for certain hours the past two days.

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