Free Half Gallon of Chocolate Milk

What a great freebie!  We go through a lot of milk around here and the boys think that chocolate milk is on of the greatest treats in life. Right now the first 125,000 people to enter the free milk for a year sweepstakes here will be able to print a coupon for a free half-gallon of chocolate milk when you purchase two gallons of milk. I just entered and got my coupon but I would hurry! Thanks, Free Snatcher


  1. I had two of the coupons and tried using them at my local Kroger in Sevierville. I was very disappointed once they told me Kroger does not accept coupons for free items that are printed. I spoke with the manager and he stated that it was a company wide policy, but Kroger will still continued to accept “normal” internet printed coupons.

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