Knoxville Zoo:Free Admission When You Bring an Outdated Phone Book

What a great idea. It is always my goal to recycle phone books but more often than not they lay around for months on end and then I just throw them away. The Knoxville Zoo and AT&T have come up with a much better idea! Here are the details.

From Jan. 4 through Jan. 31, 2010, visitors can present an outdated phone book and receive one free admission ticket with the purchase of another. Since the zoo is currently celebrating Penguin Discount Days, when admission is half-price, this means visitors who bring an outdated phone book can get two admissions for half the price of one regular admission.
A January visit to Knoxville Zoo is one of the area’s best-kept secrets; many of the animals, such as the red pandas and otters, enjoy the crisp weather and are more active, and the zoo has plenty of indoor viewing areas for animals such as chimpanzees, gorillas, elephants and penguins on days when they aren’t outdoors.

Thanks, Tina

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