Subway:Buy One Get One Free Coupon- Updated


This coupon has been getting a lot of mixed reviews here and around the web. I know several readers have used it without issue but, the site the link now takes you to is different than the initial site. I didn’t want to pull the post so people can keep commenting but I would advise against trying to download this coupon right now.

Right now you can create a sandwich at Subway’s website here and you will then be able to print a coupon for a free 6-inch sub when you purchase another sub and a 32 oz drink.  I am apparently “conventional” when creating sandwiches, I guess that means boring. If only I could have added avacado, that would have spiced things up.

Enjoy creating and taking someone to lunch for free!


  1. tamigrandi says:

    Just wondering if anyone had tried to use this- the one that I was able to print out had an expiration of date of 1/32/2010 so I am just wondering if this is valid

  2. Mine has expiration date of 1/32/2010 as well. Wondering the same. Is it a legit coupon?

  3. I printed one yesterday with the funky date and my husband used it to pick up lunch. He went to the Subway next to Midland Plaza in Alcoa. The lady who made the sanwiches said the coupon was fine, but when he went to pay the second lady told him that she thought it was a fake coupon because of the date and he told her that the date printed that way and it looked like a coding issue on Subways end. She was a little miffed and said she would call her manager about these coupons, but accepted ours and gave us the BOGO.

  4. We tried to use ours last night and the lady told us they did not accept printable coupons at all- she did not have an issue with the date just that it was printed. I am doing a little looking around to make sure it is legit. Hopefully, I'll update soon.

  5. I took mine to my local Subway and the owner wouldn't accept it because if the wacky date… Bummer. She said she thought it was a fake.

  6. The link took me to a page to enter a name and password. I entered one, but when I clicked Submit, it didn't do anything.

  7. It took me to a website that said to enter a password. I tried one but it didn't work. It also gave my laptop a wicked virus.

  8. This promotional offer has now ended.

  9. ebay SCAM says:

    Just go to ebay the seller named pmil5474 looks to be making hundreds of dollars each day, selling copied coupons which appear to be scanned from a printer. You can get dozens of these coupons and dozens of free subs too. Since when is this not a crime?

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