Training Little Helpers

I woke up this morning with a little more energy than I have had lately so I decided to take a small break from blogging and make today a domestic training day at our house.

Yes, my boys are only almost 4 and 2 but I was working off of the “sooner the better” policy.  Well, we began with laundry. My almost 4 year old caught on really quickly to the whole sorting by color thing. (I did catch one red shirt in the “whites” pile but, that is what a supervisor is for right?) They loved throwing the clothes into the washing machine and dryer.  After one attempt I decided to do all the folding at nap time.

We baked some banana muffins. We worked on measuring, pouring, counting etc. The breaking of the eggs did not go so well but they thought the fishing for egg shells was really fun.

I helped my almost 4 year old learn how a vacuum works and my two year old to dust. They emptied trash cans and wiped the sinks.  I tried teaching them how to refill the toilet paper holder, that was not what I would call a success. Then I got to thinking, maybe that is genetic, THE HUSBAND can never seem to do that either. :0)

So I would not call our cleaning efficient or thorough but we did have fun.  How about you? Do you have little ones “helping” your around the house? Any ideas on how to make these kind of days more fun?


  1. Katie, I found out that Sara can really fold clothes (she just turned 3). My washclothes have a seam and I like then all folded and facing the same way. I showed her how and she can do it. She is can also help me sort clothes by who they belong to. Matthew can empty garbage cans and replace the liners. I only wish he could reach the lid of the big garbage can outside! It really is great when they can really help. I'm ready to teach them how to scrub toilets!

  2. Katie, i think it is very important to let our children watch and help up with our chores. My mom died just before I turned 12. She stayed home with us and I always remember watching her and helping her cook, clean, and sew. Even though she was not formally “training me” I can still remember how she did things and I learned a lot from her during those years.

  3. I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 10 month old. My oldest enjoys helping me swifter the floor, wash dishes, empty the dishwasher, and sort laundry. We have a lot of fun doing those things together….much more fun when I have company doing chores =)

  4. mmslattery says:

    Having kids help may feel like more work for you now but it's important for you and them in the long run. Stick with it. I find specific instructions like: “Put all the cars in this bin” rather than “clean up this room” are essential. Kids love to Swiffer if you have hardwood floors and dusting is also their responsibility. Loading the washing machine or dryer is a favorite for my 3 year old, but I find folding laundry must be done when they're in bed. However, I wait to put laundry away until they can play alongside me the next morning. I will give some specific instructions of where certain clothes go. At the end, I award them for being my helpers with a basket ride through the bedrooms. Wait on this one til you've had the baby! It's great exercise for you and kids love it!

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