CVS:Huggies Mega Pack Wipes Only $2.50!

I had heard rumors of the 2 for $5  sale that is advertised for Huggies wipes tubs at CVS is also working on the Mega packs of Huggies wipes that are regularly $7.99.

It takes a lot at this point in pregnancy to motivate me to load two kids in the van and go check on a deal but,  I had a $10 ECB for filling out a CVS Adviser survey and the thought of 4 mega packs of wipes for free was enough.

I am happy to report it is true! I checked the price on the CVS scanner at the front of the store and was so excited. Here is what I did.

2 Mega Packs Huggies Unscented Wipes (216 ct)-$2.50 ea
2 Mega Packs Huggies Scented Wipes (216 ct)-$2.50 ea

-$10 ECB
Final cost=
4 Mega Packs for FREE

This is a great deal even with out the ECBs. If you need wipes or have a baby shower coming up these are a fantastic buy.

There were still plenty on the shelf at my CVS but as word gets out these will move fast- I would go sooner than later.  While it was tempting, I did not want to clear the shelves this morning so others would have a chance at this great deal but, I will probably stop by at the end of the week to see if there are any left!


  1. Bearden CVS only had one pack, and they wouldn't give it to me at the sale price 🙁

  2. What? Did it ring up at $2.50 and they just wouldn't sell it to you?

  3. Went to the one in Oak Ridge and didn't scan the sale price:(. They scanned $7.99

  4. They were all out at the CVS in Halls. Went to the CVS in Fountain City – one mega pack left. I scanned it at the self scanner to check the price and it came up as $7.99. I think it must have been a mistake and they figured it out and fixed it. Bummer.

  5. I wanted to share what the manager at the CVS at Middlebrook told me. When you go to the coupon scanner you can get a $1 off certain CVS products (like to candy and klennex). He shared with me that at his store that coupon can be used for any product in the store- CVS or nation brand. He was not sure if all CVS would take them or not. I have used several of these coupons and has worked great but I have only been at the Middlebrook store. Hope this little tip is helpful.

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