Coupon Katie Answers: Date Night on A Budget

You often talk about date nights with your husband. I am wondering what you do to make this  fit into your budget.   Thanks, Jackie

What a great question. It has only been in the last year that THE HUSBAND and I have made  budgeting both time and money for date nights a priority. Now it is something I value so much I am willing to make sacrifices in other areas to make them happen. If you do not have a date night I encourage you to set one up, I have no doubt they will soon become your favorite night of the month too!

Here are a few practical ways we save on date nights.

1. We do not pay for childcare.

Childcare can be a huge added expense to date night. It has taken us a while to work out the arrangements we have so do not be frustrated if it takes you awhile to find a good situation too.

What works for us:
We swap childcare with some good friends. Once a month we take our kids over to their home and go out for a date night. The next week they will bring their children to our home and go on a date.
We also swap with another set of dear friends from our church for a monthly overnight date night!  We take our children to our friends home on a Saturday evening and they bring them to church with them Sunday morning. We return the favor the next month.

2. We Use Coupons.

If we go out to dinner we almost always use a coupon or gift card. One of our favorite places to find great deals is Half off Depot. They consistently have 1/2 off gift certificates for some of favorite places around town, Nama, Rita’s, The Pizza Kitchen, Stir Fry Cafe etc.  It is great, a fun yummy dinner for half price! (There are other sites like that offer deals on dining out. )

I am always on the lookout for good dinner or dessert deals.

3. We Find Things to Do For Free

The weather is warming up so it is a great time to head to a park, a greenway or a lake for a walk or a bike ride. We love to walk around downtown and in Market Square. There are also several free events to take advantage of in the evenings during the spring and summer.

4. We Don’t Always Go Out on Date Night.

When the budget is tight, kids are sick or something else prevents date night we have a no technology hang out night. That means no TV, computers, blackberry, cell phones etc.  (If you know THE HUSBAND you will know this takes major commitment.)

We sit out on our back deck and enjoy dessert or coffee together. We play a game. We just do something fun together with no distractions.

Those are the things I have learned over the last year. What are you great ideas for making date night fit into the budget?


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