Do You Garage Sale?

We were at a friends home for dinner recently, my boys kept coming upstairs telling me about toys they loved. “Where did you get these?” I asked. “A garage sale,” she answered.
I noticed some super cute pillows on the couch- garage sale. It went on, I was amazed by all the great stuff she had found at garage sales. I have never been a garage sale goer but I am starting to wonder-am I missing something?
Do you frequent garage (or yard or lawn) sales?Do you have a strategy? Do you just go browsing or do you go with a list of needs in mind?


  1. I have had some great luck at garage sales over the years! Especially on things like a steam carpet cleaner($10) fondue pot ($1) and other home items. Kids items are usually way better at consignment sales, because damaged items are usually rejected. I bought over $5,000 (retail) worth of necessities for my newborn for less than $500. And the clothes were all high quality name brand.

  2. It is a great way to buy kids clothes and toys. Most of our Christmas presents came from new items I found at garage sales. The season is approaching soon. I usually check listings on craigslist and I try to look for neighborhood sales and usually keep to one area to save on gas. It is so much fun and is my Saturday morning to myself. I love my time away and I'm aways excited about my deal for the day!

  3. southern jezebelle says:

    I'm a HUGE garage saler! (seller??) I love to scour ads and craigslist and shop around for treasures. Some saturdays I spend more on gas and coffee than actual treasures….but my husband and I like to go browsing. I've got great deals too: storehouse sofas, nautica casual china, side tables, old windows that we made into a head board, dressers, desks…….you name it!

    oh…my fave was buffalo china….18 place settings….from an old church that the lady GAVE me because she was about to pack them up to charity. I used a food/dishwasher safe pen and monogrammed them with our initial. they're great for parties, showers, etc.

  4. Garage sales are a fabulous way of getting things cheep! Not all garage sales are great, so don't get discourage if you walk away from a few without anything. The best ones are the development sales because you can park your car and walk around. Sometimes it's best to be the first one out there before everything is gone. However, the advantage to going out later is that people want to get rid of whatever they have before packing up so they are more willing to accept a lower price. There are some people to will not budge regardless, but most will. Speaking of which, never be afraid to haggle. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but you'll find that a lot of people will accept less than the “sticker” price.

  5. I love yard sales! I just go and see what goodies i can find! sometimes i find great stuff, sometimes its all junk! I really love the subdivision sales!

  6. I love yard sales and I keep a running list of things I am looking for. I have outfitted my kids at yard sales and flea markets, sometimes not buying anything new but maybe shoes…although I buy shoes at yard sales too. I do the flea market in Oak Ridge, during the spring/summer/fall. I like especially subdivisions and I map out what I want to do. Normally, my mom goes with me and sometimes the kids. I get up very early and am out the door typically before 7am. Most of the people in my family (inlaws, etc.) aren't willing to get up and out the door that early but I LOVE it. It can be a bit of a sacrifice, especially since typically I can only sleep in on Saturdays. I have bought furniture, clothes, sealed food, lots of neat kids' toys, household items. Last year I bought a Disney Princess bucket for my toddler for 25cents and she plays with it daily (she hauls her toys in it). I have bought alot of birthday and Christmas gifts at yard sales, some things with tags on them still and some things that just need to be wiped off and tidied up. I have yardsaled (is that a word?) for years and years and look forward to it every season. I do some browsing but I always have a list as well of things that I need.

  7. I think I gave up garage sales when I had my third child (or maybe it was home schooling)… took my girls one Saturday last year and had a great time. The 10 cent flip flops were worn every day last summer. Over the years I've found some great deals – I'll look for presents, clothes, toys, etc. I've never bought furniture (I have a house full of hand-me-downs). I use my dh's change he leaves around. (I leave my money in the car. If I'm willing to walk back and buy it, I figure it is worth it.) It's easier to do when you don't have an infant to feed in the AM and can get up and go and leave the dh to feed the children breakfast. Part of the fun (for me) is seeing what you can find. Before we had children my dh would go with me. dd2 has on a Gymboree outfit I bought for dd11 for $1 at a garage sale. I map out my route the night before. A friend of mine, after finding a sale where the clothes were a perfect fit for her child (and a great price), asked the woman to call her in advance of her next sale (she did).

  8. Mrssmith says:

    Love it! I like to get up early and go before it gets too hot in the summers. I enjoy finding one-of-a-kind items, new items with tags still on, clothing for my children for less than I can buy at thrift stores, items I need (on my mental list) but don't want to pay full price. It's also a fun way to spend time with girlfriends and get out of the house.

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