Food City Kid’s Club: Are You A Member?

Food City is the closest grocery store to our home so, I sent THE HUSBAND there on an errand. He came back asking if we are a member of the Food City Kid’s Club.  We were not, but not one to miss a deal these days I decided to investigate.

You can join online. For me this is almost a must. It is very unlikely that I would make a special trip to the store then stand there and fill out a form.  Looking good so far.

There are a few perks.We will give you free items monthly, special offers and programs, balloons, cookies, etc…. And also a Birthday surprise just for you during your Birthday month. Sign up today, it’s FREE.”

Free cookies sealed the deal. I signed up. I rarely go to Food City mainly because I had such luck shopping at Kroger when I first started using coupons. However, I am not opposed to stopping by occasionally if the deals are good enough. We’ll see, and I”ll keep you posted.

Are you already a member? Do you get good coupons/offers and are there really free cookies?


  1. yep we are members and its even better than just free cookies… every month my kids get coupons for a free fruit/veggie, a treat (like pudding packs) and another free treat item. Then we also get cents off coupons too. The thing is you have to shop at the store every month for the coupons to print out in the store. But you also do get free coupons through the mail, but every month different free coupons will print instore. Its wonderful! I, too, shop at Kroger more, but I make sure to shop at Food City at least once in a month to get the freebies!

  2. Alison,
    Great to know. Does it matter how much you spend while you are there or will any purchase get the coupons to print?

  3. We joined the Kids' Club about 6 months ago. Last week, I stopped by to pick up a couple of things (it's our closest store). As soon as I scanned my Food City card, coupons started spitting out of the machine. I ended up with 12 coupons for free food – from brownie mixes, pints of ice cream, fruit and small bags of chips X 3 (one for each child).

  4. ali_kat223 says:

    Looks like I'll have to register my card and sign up my kids! Thank you. I like to shop their meat and produce markdowns, so I don't go too often, but I'm sure we could go often enough to get the great freebies.

  5. Debbie smith says:

    Love to shop food city.

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