Kmart Coupon Not Fraudulent But Not Worth the Trouble

I have had several readers email with questions about he Kmart coupon fiasco. I want to apologize to all of you who tried to use the Kmart $10/$20 and had a bad experience or wasted time.  The whole thing turned into an ordeal!

I try to be very specific about the coupons, especially Pdf coupons, that I post about. Several of you were told the coupon was fraudulent or you printed it incorrectly. Here are a few reasons this coupon was not a fraud:

It was released directly from KMarts website.

KMart released it as a Pdf that allowed multiple copies to be made.

The coupon stated it was good at any KMart.

Now, Kmart may  have intended for the coupon to be used in specific markets (and they have since released a coupon that lists specific cities) but that was not clear on the original coupon. So, to all of you who were rudely turned away or told you were trying to use the coupon incorrectly I apologize!


  1. Supershopper says:

    I live in Miami and was able to use the $10 coupon. The cashier has to scan it several times thought..but it works and it is true it saids valid at Any Kmart location..

  2. coupon katie is a fraud says:

    Start posting things that are real and not wssting readers time on a wild goose chase.

  3. coupon katie is a fraud says:

    wasting time. Sorry for misspelling

  4. Coupon Katie Rocks! says:

    I live in Maryville, TN and used this coupon Friday with no trouble. My cashier did have to void out my purchases and start over once I gave her the coupon, but it did work. Apparently, other people were also using the coupons. I saw a guy in the diaper section with a printed coupon and what looked to be instructions (probably from the wife!). ANYWAY, you shouldn't be upset about Coupon Katie. She simply posted what's out there and if something doesn't work for normal people, they post their stories so others can be informed when they go shopping. What she does is amazing and she's given me so many tools to save sooooo much money. We love you Katie!

  5. belch!!

  6. K Mart Fraud says:

    Coupon Katie is one of the best sites available to learn about great deals. KMart is the irresponsible party here. KMart itself is the fraud. I don't care what deal you can get at KMart, I will not shop there. I have had way too many bad experiences and as a word of caution, make sure you open your products in the store and verify that you are not purchasing something that someone returned broken, with missing pieces, etc & KMart stuck back on the sales floor without checking …. they will not take it back…not even with your receipt.

  7. Just this week, I received two 3 samples of products. This is worth the effort. I look at this website several times a week. Good Job!

  8. Why arent you blaming Kmart since this coupon came off of the KMART WEBSITE?
    I was able to use a coupon at the Halls store after a 20 minute discussion. The cashier first said it was a rewards coupon, no where on my coupon or on the website did it state this, then she said I couldnt use it on reg priced items (coupon clearly states you can)after several more arguments I was able to use it. I always have trouble with Kmart. If they dont want to honor there own coupons, THEY SHOULDNT PUBLISH THEM. Thanks coupon katie for all of your hard work!

  9. coupon katie fraud says:

    so coupon katie should not have posted it. Did she get the email? I think not. Be careful of her deals she will lead you down a wild goose chase. There are other blogs that don’t do that. This is not the first time this has happend on her site.

  10. coupon katie fraud says:

    so coupon katie should not have posted it. Did she get the email? I think not. Be careful of her deals she will lead you down a wild goose chase. There are other blogs that don’t do that. This is not the first time this has happend on her site.

  11. Coupons rock says:

    JUST an FYI the coupon is FRAUD if obtained by any other means then a PRIVATE direct email from kmart.

    This coupon was NEVER EVER posted publicly on kmarts website, it was however hosted on the website through a link given to customers in a targeted market with the instructions that it was good for only that area and for a one time use and not to be redistributed or copied.

    Some lovely person decided to disobey the instructions and post ONLY the link and not the email with the instructions on how to use the coupon to websites blogs and facebooks etc thereby rendering the coupon FRAUD.

    these are the PLAIN and simple facts folks so before you go blaming Kmart or this website Lets find the asshat that did that and have a few words with them shall we?

    k thx buh bye

  12. Coupons rock says:

    she is not a fraud, she did what most coupon bloggers did and reposted what appeared to be a legit GREAT value for her readers,only to find out that some jerk ruined it for everyone else.

    It is a legit coupon for certain areas and a WONDERFUL deal, but the few always screw up a great deal for the many GREED GREED GREED simple as that.
    k thx buh bye

  13. My name is Erin and I work for Sears Holdings Corporation. An electronic coupon that was designated for Kmart stores in our Chicago, New York and Baltimore markets was mistakenly distributed to a larger audience. Kmart associates outside of these markets were not aware of the coupon and did not honor them when presented at the store. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience or dissatisfaction this may have caused our customers. Please know that we are currently reviewing our internal process to prevent similar situations from happening in the future. We encourage any customers that may have been directly affected to call 1-866-KMART-4U (1-866-562-7848) or contact us via email

  14. My coupon was not accepted in athens TN

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