Kroger: Saved 62% & Bought Only What We Will Use

Sometimes when Kroger (or anywhere else) has a great sale I am tempted to buy things just because they are a good deal. (Do you ever do that?) I am all for stockpiling and getting good deals, but the longer I use coupons I am less for buying things that we don’t really use.

So here are the deals we got a Kroger today. I kept the list simple and filled only with things we really needed or would use.

Mega Event Sale
Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese-$.49

2 Bumble Bee Tuna Pouches-$.49 (the Albacore tuna was $.49, the other variety was only $.29 but there was no more of that to be found!)
-$1/2 from Kroger home mailer
Final cost=Free

2 Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta-$.79
-$1/2 from 1/10 SS or printable
Final cost=$.29 each

Sargento Cheese-$.99

-$.35/1 from Kroger home mailer
Final cost=$.29

Kraft Cheese-$.99

-$1/2 from Kroger home mailer and there was a blinkie machine right by the cheese with a $1/2 coupon
Final cost=$.49 each
*when making my list I forgot I won a free Kraft cheese in the March Madness game. When looking at my receipt that took $1.49 off my order- making both cheeses free and giving me a $.50 overage. I should have bought one more cheese as using a free coupon and then a $1/2 coupon was probably not ethical.I wanted to share my honest mistake so others could look out for it!

3 Coke Product 2 Liters-$.79 (I know I know….)
-$1/3 from Kroger home mailer
Final cost=$.46 ea

2 Mott’s Apple Juice-$.99 ea

2 Ore Ida Fries-$1.79
-$1.50/2 printable (skip thru until you see Ore Ida coupon)
Final cost=$1.04 ea

2 Ken’s Salad Dressing-$1.49
-$1/2 from 3/7 SS
Final cost=$.99 each

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs-$1.49

Hellman’s Mayonnaise-$2.49
-$.75/1 that came with free sample, or Kroger mailer
Final cost=$1.74

Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch-$2.27
-not a great deal on cereal but I had a $1 fresh fruit when you buy Kellogg’s cereal from a box of Nutrigrain bars I bought on sale 2 weeks ago.

Simply Orange Juice-$2.49– yum

Other Items
Maxwell House Coffee-$5.99
-Free coupon on card from March Madness game
Final cost=Free

Kashi Heart to Heart honey oat Cereal – $4.49

-Free coupon from Vocalpoint
Final cost=Free

2 Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate-$1.05

-$.40/2 Kroger home mailer
Final cost=$.65 ea

International Delight Creamer (16 oz)-$1.59
-$.55/1 from 2/7 SS or  printable
Final cost=$1.04

Charmin Bath Tissue (12 rolls)-$5.99
-$.25/1 from PG
Final cost=$5.49

Throw in some produce, a few gallons of milk and peanut butter and that is all we bought this week.

We spent $41.41 (including tax) and saved $63.46 or 62%!!

What deals did you get this week?


  1. I've been to Kroger twice but didn't buy anything the second time (looking for Mott's juice…got a rain check). I am also in the same boat where I only buy what we need…the stockpile has been holding us very nicely. My first trip I did very well, saved 73%…here's what I got:

    8 Annie's Mac N Cheese
    8 Kraft Shredded Cheese (great deal b/c I only had 3 pks left in the freezer from last deal)
    1 6-pk Hansen's Natural Soda Clearance $2.29 (fun splurge item and it rang up wrong…ended up getting it free)
    bananas (don't remember amount)
    strawberries $1.98
    2 loaves whole wheat bread $1.66 ea
    1/2 gallon milk for DH's work $2.99

    Before discounts: $57
    After discounts: $16

    I will go back one more time this week for more mac n cheese, apple juice and Kraft cheese…it goes through the 27th so I'll pick some more up next week as well.

  2. I'd really like to know how to get those Kroger mailings to my house – I even emailed corporate about it (the letter is on my blog – –

  3. You did so good! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I did great this week! Only bought what I needed but bought a lot! We saved 55% or $149 and spent $120. I had to laugh when I left the store b/c they had put all my groceries into 2 buggies! I had to have help to the car.

  5. It seems I stopped getting the $6/$60 type coupons when I started shopping almost exclusively at Krogers. I have received quite a few Kroger mailers with coupons recently, however.

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