My Kroger Trip & Simplifying Life

I have been feeling the need lately to streamline things around here so this week I decided to start with the shopping. Unless there is a deal I cannot live without, I am going to try out shopping at only one (maybe two stores) each week. We will see how this does with the budget but I think there are seasons of life where making things as simple as possible is the best idea.

Also, this trip we needed a lot of expensive items. We needed diapers, dog food, laundry and dishwasher detergent, ingredients for THE HUSBAND’s birthday dinner (including $12 in red peppers! I am going to have to start growing those myself). So, a savings of 49% was great for me today.

Here are the best deals I got:

Fiber One Yogurt-$2
-$1/1 printable here
-$1/1 Cellfire e coupon
Final cost=Free

2 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix-$1.50 ea
-$.40/1 from 2/07 SS or printable
-$.40/1 Cellfire and Shortcuts e coupon
Final cost=$.30 each

Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffins-$2
-$.50/1 printable
-$.50/1 Cellfire or Shortcuts e coupon
Final cost=$.50

Tide Detergent-$5.88 (I had to look around to find one said “15% more” so it would make the next deal work)
-$1/1 Tide from pampers sample pack
Final cost=$4.88

Tide Stain Releaser-$5.88
-Buy one 75 oz or larger Tide Get Stain Releaser free 2/07 PG
Final cost=Free

-$2/1 from 2/21 PG
Final cost=$6.99

Huggies Goodnites-on Closeout for $7.58
$2/1 printable
Final cost=$5.58

Iams Dog Food-$15.99
-$4/1 from Pampers sample pack
Final cost=$11.99

I also had a $6 off $60 purchase coupon to help with the final totals. I saved $58.87 or 49%.

You can see the whole list of Kroger deals here. How did you do this week?


  1. lindsay050 says:

    I don't know why I have never shopped Kroger until the past month. My husband was laid off in February so every penny counts. On my last trip I got two weeks worth of groceries for less than I have paid for one week of groceries at another store. Kroger is my new fav…sorry I waited so long. I shop the sales ad to figure out what I can cook and then I try to have a coupon for 90% of what I buy. I was pleasantly surprised! Then, I saved $0.40 per gallon of gas on top of saving so much on groceries!!

  2. I stocked up on snacks for the month!

  3. I just came back and they had sara lee creme pies on sale and buy one get one free. I used my $1 coupon and got two for about $2.60.

  4. Also I got the Betty crocker Icing and warm delights bowls they are on sale for $1.50 and used the .50 coupon for each. So paid OOP .50 each.

  5. I only shop at Kroger. Dragging the kids from store to store makes me feel so flustered. I had to go to Walmart yesterday and it just confirmed how much I dislike that store. I checked some prices as I shopped and Walmart and Kroger have almost the some prices on most things.

  6. mmslattery says:

    I have a question on calculating your percentage of savings. If you spend $100 and the bottom of your receipt says you saved $50, would you consider that 50% savings or 33% savings? I would say 33% because you would have paid $150 and saving $50 is 33% of that number. Is that how you see it?

  7. I usually go by what % the reciept says but looking at it I think it is figured the way you are figuring it. For example today I spent roughly $60 and saved $58- so 49%.

  8. notyouraveragemommy says:

    I got some of those deals too, and I got a free coke zero…sweet. Plus, I finally used my $1 off two packages of Pillsbury cookie dough this week it is on sale 2 for $4.

  9. cooperfamilytn says:

    This is encouraging to me katie – I too am in the streamline season. Three kids, schooling, household work etc. We just can't do it all AND do it well, can we? I am thinking on doing more bargaining etc. during the summer months – sort of a stock up season, and just the essentials during the school year! what do you think?

  10. pickwickian says:

    I've been using Kroger almost exclusively because the prices are just unbeatable. However, Food City tends to be cheaper on dog and cat food, I think.

    I also noticed Food City following in Kroger's footsteps with a three day sale, but there's was hidden on the fourth page (and below the fold) of their circular. It also started at a weird time—like the following Wed. They had a large pack of Charmin toilet paper for only $3.99.

    Has anyone tried Aldi? I got their circular Sunday and they have lots of frozen seafood items, but I've never heard of the brand. It also looks like they have pineapples for 99 cents. That would be hard to beat, but I wasn't sure if they are okay.


  11. Mrssmith says:

    I like Aldi-but in the interest on simplifying, I don't go as it's across town from me. They do have incredible prices on produce and eggs usually!

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