Announcing The Seize the Deal $250 Target Gift Card Winner

I am excited to announce we have a winner!  Congratulations to Patti T, the Knoxville winner of the Seize the Deal $250 Target Gift card.
Patti, you will have to let us know about the great deals you get with your gift card.

If you have not signed up for Seize the Deal, Knoxville’s newest group buying site, here are the basic details:

How it works is pretty simple. Each day, a brand new deal is featured from a local place Knoxville residents already love like restaurants, spas, services or entertainment. One deal is offered every day starting at midnight and ending at midnight the following day. Fridays though, the deal runs through the weekend.

The deals are typically 50-90% off what the retail price would be!

Like most group buying sites, there’s a minimum number of people that are required to want “The Deal” in order for the daily deal to be “Seized.”

If the minimum number of people isn’t met, no one is out any money, but no one gets the deal.


  1. Momof3boys says:

    Is this up and running in Knoxville yet? All I ever see on the page is “sample deals” and I haven't gotten any e-mails yet.

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