Saving on Baby Formula

Over the last year and a half I have learned a lot about saving on diaper, clothing and other baby items but now I have a new challenge- saving on baby formula. So, that is the question for all my frugal readers out there.

How do you (or do you) save money on baby formula?

I have nursed both of my other children until it was time to start them on milk so I have very little experience buying formula. I would love nothing more than to do the same again with #3 but I that is not possible as in a few months I will have to resume treatment for my MS.

I have signed up for mailing lists from the major formula companies and have gotten a few coupons. I am still wondering if there are any tricks that I do not know. If you have any advice please share!


  1. I liked Nestle Good Start, but it is expensive and they don't seem to put out very many coupons. I only had to buy it for a couple of months. I think Emfamil and the other major brand (I forgot the name) give away many more coupons. I also know of moms who have been very happy with store brand formula. By law, the store brand has to be equal in nutrition to the brand name. You may also have to experiment because some babies will switch between brands and some will not.

  2. My daughter had numerous health and feeding problems stemming from prematurity. She wound up on Alimentum, which is one of the most $$$ formulas out there. I posted on Knoxville Craigslist asking if people would swap formula coupons with me. I had several responses and even had someone GIVE me an entire case of unused, sealed, non-expired formula because her child had to switch to a prescription formula. would also be a good place to post about coupon swapping.

    Sam's Club carries formula. Also, don't be shy about asking your pediatrician for samples.

  3. reissigcoupons says:

    When I stopped nursing, we used Kroger brand formula – it's a lot cheaper and ingredients are the same – they even sell an organic version. They run coupons from time to time too, and I get some catalina coupons as well from time to time.

  4. stinkermama11 says:

    I used enfamil with my first son and they always sent out great coupons. I registered for enfamil for my second, but ended up using the Similac preemie formula so, I signed up for similac, too. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that these companies send out many coupons at all anymore. 🙁 There is one trick I have found! I have actually called Similac a few times. The first time I called to check on my membership because I still hadn't received any coupons and was told there weren't any current promotions, but she sent me a free sample in the mail that had 3 coupons with it for $5 each! I called again a few months later because I hadn't received anything else again and was told the same thing and sent another formula sample. This was great considering we use the ready to feed alimentum (the only one my baby can handle for some reason) and it is almost $10 a bottle! So, give them a call! My son is now 7 months old and we have received 2 coupons for $5 in addition to those extras from calling. I do get enfamil coupons, too. They used to send out $5, $7, and $10 coupons when my 3 yr old was born, but now they are like $2 each. 🙁 Not very good, but still a discount. I always list them on my blog for people if they want me to sent them since I dont use them. Good luck!

  5. mmslattery says:

    Just be careful about buying formula off Craigslist. I recently worked with a producer for WATE who's doing a story on formula and the shady deals some are trying to get away with: stolen goods or selling formula beyond its expiration date. I'll try to find out when that will air and will post it here.

  6. mkb1204 says:

    I have a 7months old. I only nursed her for 2 weeks. Here are a few things I have done. I always ask for samples at the peditrican and at my OB. My dr office probably gave me over $500 worth of formula. I also signed up family members for the major companies…similac, enfamil, good start, huggies and pampers. I have used enfamil mostly. I have gotten bogo catalinas at Kroger and Walgreens. I am not sure what causes them to print. I have also called the companies when I had questions about the different formulas and usually they have sent a sample or coupons. I am sure you know this but the formula checks can be combined with a coupon for double the savings. What formula are you using?

  7. thanks for all the input! I am not currently using formula- but at about 3 months I will have to restart medication that I cannot nurse while taking so I am trying to figure the formula thing out before that happens.

  8. karypickard says:

    Target has good sales on Similac Formula. Combined with your similac coupons from strong mom website you can usually get your formula for like $15! I stock up when it is on sale. Also Sams has a good deal on Similac Advanced and Similac Soy. Not sure what you are going to use. I work at Childrens Hospital and our Similac rep came by the other day and Similac has redone it's formula and it all now has a prebiotic in it along with the DHA and everything else so it is even more like breast milk now. Hope that helps!

  9. jrmeade77 says:

    It bothers me to see people abusing Craigslist. I have two cases of ready to use Neosure that I'd like to sell on Craigslist. I'm an honest person with formula that I can't use. One of my children (we have triplets) is now on Alimentum and I need all the funds I can get. What throw out the Neosure? I'm sure someone could use it and I would love to help someone out. So here's a great way to save on formula, find an honest person on Craigslist. I got my formula free from the company, and again the only reason I'm selling is to raise some money for the high cost of Alimentum. If your child is in the NICU ask the social workers to submit the paperwork for a free case of Neosure (you can get 1 case per child).

  10. jrmeade77 says:

    I agree be careful, but there are good honest people out there as well 🙂

  11. mmslattery says:

    Check out the piece on formula today–Friday at 5pm on WATE. Hope you can catch it.

  12. jrmeade77 says:


  13. mmslattery says:

    In case you missed it and would like to see WATE's story on formula, go here: I'm sure there are plenty of honest people selling formula on Craigslist. The problem is how do you know who to trust?

    My final two cents on formula: generic is the same nutritionally as the name brands. There's a reason the companies work so hard to get your business with free samples and coupons. But do the math long-term and you decide.

  14. Rebecca says:

    Katie, a lot of times people will leave formula or formula coupons in the infant care room at church. People get samples they can't use. I would just ask around to other moms that aren't using formula I bet they have extra coupons or formula. Also Kroger prints out BOGO for enfamil a lot. I used generic with one of my kids until I realized that the first ingredient was corn syrup. Where the name brand is Whey. So just check the ingredients first.

  15. Katie, I have been able to trade coupons on various websites and with friends. I am a member of BabyCenter and I would post my coupons and ask for the coupons or checks that I was looking for. I had great luck in getting around $25.00 worth of coupons at a time. Any catalina coupons that I get, I offer up too. All it cost me was a stamp. It has been great. I agree with your other posters, sign up now, get your family to sign up, sign your husband's work address up…get everyone you know to! I use generic formula in the powder form, but when I have a $5.00 Similac coupon, I use it to buy the ready to feed bottles and that means you get them for LESS than a dollar!!! I also watch Babies R Us, their rewards programs has good incentives, and they often run a free $5.00 card with the purchase of a certain amount of formula. Btw, I have used Generic Kroger brand formula and also Parents Choice from Wal-Mart. I am not a fan of Wal-Mart, but I cut my formula bill from over 100 a month down to $40. I was a believer after that! And my middle child, who had ONLY generic is probably brighter than my other two (just don't tell her that!!! LOL). Good luck to you!

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