Tennessee Smokies Summer Reading Program=Free Smokies Tickets

If you live in the Knoxville area this is a program that you will want to check out. The Tennessee Smokies Summer Reading Program is for Smokies fans 12-and-under.

There are five levels of participation that are to be completed by each child participating. To complete a level all your child has to do is read 10 books, 10 chapters, or have 10 books read to him/her (if your child is not reading yet). Once your child has completed his/her first level, bring the Level 1 reading program form to the ticket office at Smokies Park, and exchange it for prizes and free tickets to a Smokies game. We did this last summer and it was great! Here are the rest of the details:

This year’s Summer Reading Program is now underway!. Below though is a listing of all the Program levels and the prizes each child can win with each level completed!

LEVEL 1 – The Single: Two Smokies tickets, a Shoney’s bookmark and an Amica Insurance pencil!

LEVEL 2 – The Double: Two Smokies tickets and a Shoney’s pencil!

LEVEL 3 – The Triple: Two Smokies tickets and a Shoney’s eraser!

LEVEL 4 – The Home Run – Two Smokies tickets, a Smokies card set and a FREE Shoney’s dessert!

LEVEL 5 – The Grand Slam: Two tickets to our August 10 picnic here at Smokies Park, a ticket to the Knoxville Zoo and a voucher for a Shoney’s Healthy Kids Meal! NOTE: Level 5 forms must be turned in by August 5.

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