Cloth Napkins: My Experiment Begins for Free!

I posted about wanting to try cloth napkins a couple weeks ago. Well, I am hopelessly uncrafty so I knew I would have to buy mine. I looked a few times when I was at Target but there never seemed to be a good deal and life has just been too busy for me to make a special shopping trip. I decided to check out the options on  Amazon.  I used some gift cards I had earned from Swagbucks and got my first cloth napkins free!

I only bought eight because I am saving most of my Swagbucks Amazon gift cards for Christmas shopping, but I feel eight is a good start.

I’ll let you know how the Cloth Napkin Experiment goes. If you see any great deals on cloth napkins post a comment or send me an email, with this crazy crew I am sure I will need more than eight.


  1. You will need more than 8, but get all different ones for fun and color. We ONLY use cloth napkins, have for years, and love them. Paper usage diminishes greatly and you are saving our landfills! Put them in a basket on the center of your table and the family can each grab their favorite!

  2. Great idea. Now I need to find a great deal on a basket and more napkins. :0)

  3. If you just want to cut down on paper usage, you can also use old washclothes for napkins. My kids and I use them because they (and me) spill and drip a lot! My daughter decided to pull he cereal bowl away while I was pouring the milk this morning!

  4. For my grandchildren, I buy those pack of 6 or 8 terry washclothes at Target that come in various colors. Easy to wash, easy to clean little hands, colorful. And why can’t they be used as napkins for lunch and dinner? Save the real napkins for special occasions.

  5. We love cloth napkins! I bought white so I could bleach them if needed! Otherwise, I just throw them in the wash with our towels. They cut down so much paper usage and have saved us quite a bit of money. We also hardly ever use paper towels. I have a nice stash of old towels from over the years and use those for spills, messes, etc! I hope you enjoy going “green” as much as we have!!

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