Food Lion: My Deals & First Impression

The whole family went to Nama last night for a gift card dinner. Kids at a sushi bar? Yes.  Nama has great peanut butter and jelly rolls, served with apples on a cute little fish plate. The boys love it.

Anyway, after dinner I asked THE HUSBAND if he would please just sit in the van with the kids (one of them now crying) while I ran in very quickly to pick up a few great deals.

My first Food Lion trip was quick, I did not take much time to browse around but my first general impression was the aisles were wide, shelves clearly marked and all the deals seemed to be in stock. I am partial to my Kroger which is big and new. However, as with brand loyalty, store loyalty sometimes has to go out the door when there is a deal to be had.

To say the least we are stocked up on cheese for a while. I grabbed:

8 Kraft Shredded Cheese-Buy One Get One Free at $2.79 one bag of Mexican blend shows up only $2.50 ($1.25 after sale)  on my reciept.
2 $5/5 Kraft Dairy products printable coupon
Final cost=$.25-$.39 ea

2 Kraft American Singles (12 oz) Buy One Get One Free at $2.39
$5/5 Kraft Dairy products printable coupon
Final cost=$.20 ea

2 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner-Buy One Get One Free at $.89
-$.55/2 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese printable coupon
Final cost=$.17 ea

2 Frosted Cheerios-Buy One Get One Free at $4.38
-$1/2 Cheerios from 9/19 SS
Final cost=$1.69 ea

I did not get any Philadelphia Cream Cheese (which would have been free) because the only kind there was flavored tubs and we would not have used it right now. I should have gotten 4 boxes of Mac & Cheese as I had two coupons, but in my hurry got confused.

The cashier was very friendly, she gave me a Food Lion MVP card, which you have to have to get the deals. My coupons scanned without any problems.

Total Spent:$7.07 + $1.44 tax=$8.51
Total Saved:$30.28

Did you get in on any great Food Lion deals this week?


  1. I ran in Food Lion with 2 of the Kraft $5 coupons and purchase 3 2 liters and some soap
    and 10 kraft cheese items and my total for 14 items was $9.56….what a deal !!!!

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