Free Leaf Identification Guides

Now that the weather has started to cool off I am planning an outing with the boys to collect and identify some leaves. I am planning on having them glue them into their “Science Journals” as they call them, otherwise known as the $.03 notebooks I got a Target this week.

I remember very little from my college botany class so, I did a little looking around for some free tree identification resources.  Here is what I have found so far:

Fall Color Guide-Leaf Identification-This is from The University of Tennessee’s Forest Resources Research and Education Center. It is a simple guide that shows leaves by color (orange, red, yellow etc.) and shape. It also has several helpful links for each tree.

The All Season Guide to Identifying Common Tennessee Trees This is a PDF from UT Ag Extension so you could print it, or the pages that you would really life, if you want something to take with you on your leaf hunt. I like this one because it has a summer leaf key, a winter leaf key and a section on easy to identify trees.

The Arbor Day Foundation- Here you will find leaf guides for all over the country. There is also an animated tree tutorial. My boys are a little young for it, and I am truthfully not that in to trees, but it would be great for older kids.

Do you know of any other great resources or places to collect leaves? ( I called Ijams to see what they thought- for the record they discourage removing leaves, even those that have already fallen, from their park.)


  1. UT Campus used to have the most gorgeous leaves! There is a golden ginko tree in front of Clement Hall and in front of the (old) Aquatic center they had beautiful maple leaves-all colors. If you laminate them, they stay nice for years! Great ideas!

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