Free Icky Bands: Remind Kids to Wash their Hands!

You can request up to 4 packs of free Icky bands from The Art of Washing Hands and Georgia Pacific.

These are a great way to remind students to wash their hands. The bands go along with some educational material on The Art of Washing Hands website. I requested some and put home school teacher as my occupation.  (I am counting preschool and all the work I am doing to prepare for next year!)

The site seems more geared toward educators but I did not see it state that anywhere or in the order form. So, I think these would be helpful in teaching kids at home too.

Thanks, Coupon Katrina


  1. I teach preschool so this will be great for my 11 little darlings! I made a copy of the poster too to put above the sink!


  2. This actually made me laugh out loud!

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