Kroger Fuel Rewards: $1.88/gallon Gas & My Thoughts

Just a reminder to keep track of your Kroger Fuel Points. We used ours this weekend and and saved $.50 a gallon! Gas was priced at $2.38, with our discount we filled up for $1.88/gallon. THE HUSBAND was so pleased he took a picture of the pump.

Then we started reminiscing about when gas was under $1/gallon. I remember it being $.88/gallon and $5 was all I needed for a week. Ah, the good old days.

On a side not, I have noticed what seems to be a general price increase at Kroger over the last year. Does anyone else feel this way? I only say that to remind no to get too comfortable with loyalty cards and rewards programs. Rewards programs are, in then end,  programs ran by companies for their own benefit.  If you  shop the sales at Kroger and use coupons it end up being a great deal for you.  If not what you save on gas won’t really be much of a savings because you are spending more on groceries.


  1. I’ve noticed that I have been spending more on groceries even though I feel like I am buying about the same amount of food.

  2. Yes, I’ve been watching the price of staples creep up…especially butter…it has jumped 50 cents/lb more in less than 6 months. 🙁

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