National Consumer Panel: I am Getting A Scanner!

I know I have told you about National Consumer Panel- formerly Neilson Homescan Consumer Panel.  It is free to join and once you are accepted you get a small hand held scanner to scan all the items you purchase. Once a week you transmit that information to National Consumer Panel and earn points for items from their Gift Catalog. Manufacturers and retailers  look at the information you send to them to decide what products to make and sell to consumers all across the country.

I applied several months ago and have answered a few surveys since. Today I got an email that said there was avaialability for a “household like yours”!  I filled out one more survey and they will contact me soon concerning shipment of my scanner. Yay! I am excited to give this program a try.  I will keep you updated on how it is going and how quickly you can earn quality rewards.

If you are interested you can apply to be a member of National Consumer Panel here.


  1. Hi Katie! I did this a couple of years ago and there are some definite pros and cons. I ended up returning my scanner and quitting the program as it was just taking me way too lokg to scan everything! However, I did accumulate points pretty quickly and received a couple of decent gifts. They’re a really great company, I am just not good enough at time management to be able to [participate. Hope you have fun!
    Oh, and by the way, it was great to get to meet you at lunch yesterday!

  2. My scanner is on its way and should be delivered tomorrow. Thanks for the lead! Hopefully, it will be worth the effort.

  3. Yay. Please do let me know if you like it and think it is worth your time!

  4. Will do.

  5. I was selected a couple of months ago, but I never transmitted anything and wound up returning the scanner. It just didn’t seem worth the time to me to scan EVERYTHING I bought. The catalog of rewards didn’t really have much that our family was interested in and it takes a lot of points to get something. I hope it works for you though! Maybe I should have given it a better chance!

  6. I got a scanner last fall, and let me warn you, I sent it back about 1 week later. Not only did they want to know what you purchased at the grocery, and you had to put every single thing in by hand, etc….they wanted to know if you bought something out of a vending machine, etc. I hope that it has changed a bit. I was way too over the top for me.

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