Our Family Camping Trip

I know most of you visit Coupon Katie for great deals but I thought it would be fun to let you know why there was an absence of posts this weekend.

We took a family camping trip to the Smoky Mountains . Before kids THE HUSBAND was an avid fly fisherman, backpacker, kayaker and camper.  I learned to love to tag along. I bought a hiking backpack and even caught a fish once.  We have been told to hold on to all our gear, that one day we will be able to use it all again.

We decided to  start the “use all your cool outdoor stuff “campaign this weekend by taking a family camping trip. There is something refreshing and invigorating about the mountains and we really want to instill a love of the outdoors in the boys,  so we camped. Here are a few things I learned while trying my best to be Caroline Ingalls:

1. Rain jackets are always a good investment. It rained/poured the majority of the trip.

2. Kids love to play in the rain. Our boys did not mind at all that it was raining. In fact, they loved it. They explored the woods and the river and returned a muddy wet mess but as happy as could be. It was a great chance for me to let go of any expectations I had for our trip and just enjoy my children.

3.Camping is not a great time to potty train. The bathroom was on the other side of the camp ground. Not ideal for speedy trips. We will start trying next week.

4. There are skunks in the Smoky Mountains. THE HUSBAND almost stepped on one late at night.

5. The more the merrier. We invited some friends to go with us. Four adults and 7 kids ages 7 and under. It sounds crazy, but the kids moved more like a herd and were actually easier to keep an eye on.

6.Boys can get very very dirty very quickly. You would think I would already know this but camping raises the bar on dirty. It took me 30 minutes just to clean under #2’s fingernails when we got home.

7. It is good for my marriage, children and soul to be away from technology for a while. It was a refreshing break not to email, text, blog etc for a whole weekend. There was nothing to distract me from enjoying my family and the beautiful scenery.

8. I like my stove and microwave and bed and shower and…. Returning home I am again thankful for all the things that make my life easier and more comfortable.

The picture above is us on the bank of The Little River after the one shower I had all weekend.

What did you learn from your vacation this year?


  1. I love this picture!!! I definitely think it “gets” your personalities!! Love you guys! I miss camping too … and we don’t even have kids yet. 😉

  2. Beautiful picture Katie!

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