Playskool and Hasboro Coupons has just released three pages of Haboro toy coupons.  Here are a few of my favorites:

$1/1 Marvel Super Hero Squad Action Figure (2pack)

$5/1 Iron Man 2 Helmet

$2/1 Mr. Potato Head

$5/1 PlaySkool Busy Ball Popper

$2/1 PlaySkool Weebles

You could combine these with the  Buy 2 Get One Free sale going on at Toys R Us right now and the $5/$25 Toys R Us purchase printable coupon or just hold on to them and wait for some clearance or holiday deals.


  1. Katie, have you had any trouble using printable coupons at Toys-R-Us? I went to the TRU on Kingston Pike yesterday to pick up my reserved copy of the Tinkerbell movie and the manager told me they had been told by corporate not to accept any printable coupons. I put the movie back and received a refund on my preorder amount, but was pretty annoyed. I ws wondering if anyone else has had that experience. It stinks, especially now that there are so many great toy printable coupons!

  2. I went the TRU near me yesterday and used two of the Hasboro printables and the $5 off $25. It worked just fine. She did ask me where I printed them from but, the register scanned them without any problem.
    I will look around for a policy of some kind.

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