Click to Give:Support Your Favorite Causes Online

I got an email today about an  interesting program called “Click to Give”. You can help your favorite charities with a simple click and Earn Free merchandise while doing so.

Click to Give is Free to join and 100% of the proceeds go to the charities you choose to help. With Click to Give, you browse the menu of causes and select which great cause(s) you’d like to help. When you click on the ‘Click to Give’ button associated with each organization, a click is then registered in their system of which every dollar made by the advertising shown on the ‘Thank You’ page goes directly to that charity you are wanting to help.
(A percentage of the funding generated from your clicks goes towards purchasing merchandise from the chosen charities on This not only continues to ensure that every dollar generated goes directly to the cause you are clicking but also helps Click to Give reward you for your efforts in clicking daily.)

You can check it all out here.

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