Kroger:New Instant Win Game

Kroger has a new Kick Off to Savings Instant Win Game.  There are over 30,000 prizes to be won. You can win up to 2 prizes and have the next 28 to do so.

I tried this morning and won a free Fuze drink. Let me know if you try and win!


  1. I won a free 20 oz Coke Zero

  2. Tried Kick off to savings game at 7 or so this evening and won a cup of Mac and Cheese.lroddy from Rockwood.

  3. I won a small California Pizza Kitchen pizza, yeah

  4. I won a free Coke Zero this morning. Free is free, so I am not complaining but a free pizza- Nice

  5. Played again today and received free kraft single serving mac & cheese.

  6. Honeysmith says:

    I have played about 4-5 times and I never win a thing:( Wonder if it’s better to do it first thing in the morning since maybe there are limits on prizes per day…

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