My CVS Trip & A Free Halloween Suprise

I had Extra Care Bucks that expired this weeks so I stopped by yesterday. I scanned my card at the Instant Savings Center when we arrived and got a $5 off any Halloween decoration, costume or accessory.  Surprisingly there was not a whole lot of Halloween stuff on the shelves, we did however, find the “Funny Glasses”.  Here is everything we bought:

Complete Multi-Purpose Solution-$7.89, Get $2 ECB *This was a mistake, I meant to get the free Renu Solution.**
Schick Hydro 3 -$8.97, Get $5 ECB
-$4/1 from the 10/3 SS
Dove Sensitive Soap 6pk
-$2 off $5 Dove soap purchase from Instant Savings Center
Pumpkin Shaped Water Bottle-$.99
Pumpkin Water Bottle-$2.49
Funny Glasses-$1.99
-$5 off Halloween purchase from Instant Savings Center
-$15.50 ECBs
Final cost=$4.08 (including tax)

I checked my ECB and realized I had gotten the wrong contact solution. The clerk was very nice, returned what I bought and allowed me to get the Bausch & Lomb Re-Nu Sensitive 12 oz. $7.99, Get $7.99 ECB
I am not sure how the whole return happened, I got lost in the complicated process. It involved a gift card, some cash, changing of ECBs but in the end I walked out with $15 in ECBs.
Trip Totals
Out of Pocket=$4.08
Total Product Value=$26.42
Got Back=$15 ECB
Now all I need is a great sale next week to put these ECBs to work!


  1. How much was the Dove soap?

  2. Oh sorry! It was $6.97, not a great deal but not too bad with the coupon, and we needed soap. :0)

  3. Oh ok Target had it for $6.50 last month with coupon. Its hard to find a good deal on this soap but it is all we use. Also do you know of any coupons or good deals on Axe deodorant??

  4. Did you know the $5 off halloween stuff works for candy too? I bought some of my halloween candy with it. The clerk said as long as it would scan it was ok!! yay for me!

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