My Major Mom Mistake & The Deal it Got Me

Right now Thursdays are busy days around here.  The older two eat lunch early, I get the baby up from nap and we all pile in the van to get to The Little Gym on time. Today as we hurried out he door I forgot #3’s bottle.

That’s right. As soon as we arrived I opened my diaper bag and realized the bottle was still sitting beside the sink at home. Oops.

I decided to run to the nearest store that would have a bottle and formula. That turned out to be a Walgreens.

I found an inexpensive BPA free bottle, and then started looking for some formula. The smallest can was still $12, I had no coupons-you can imagine my dismay.  As I was walking toward the register, out of the corner of my eye, I saw an orange tag on the top shelf. There set three 23.4 oz cans of Enfamil at 50% off! What? They were normally $23.99 on sale for $12. Two of them had $2/1 peelies attached! I almost did a dance.

I bought all three. I spent a total of $38.06 for 3 cans formula and a bottle. I saved $39.97!Boo for forgetting bottles, Yea for surprise deals.

I am hoping to get by another Walgreens soon to see if this deal is going on elsewhere.


  1. Do you have one of those small round containers that hold individual servings of formula? I have 2 if you want one. I always kept that, a small bottle of water, and an empty bottle in my diaper bag. I was always afraid i would forget a bottle!

  2. That is a great idea. I did get one of those round containers. Then I left it at a friend’s house :0).

  3. Sure it makes your boobs sag, but the best new mom deal ever is breastfeeding. Bonus: it helps prevent breast and ovarian cancer.

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