Today’s Groupon:Pump It Up

The cold weather is starting to set in. I am already thinking of what to do to get some energy out of the boys this winter. Enter today’s Groupon. Perfect.

You can get a voucher for two pop-in playtimes or family jump times for $6. It can be used twice for one child or split between two children. (Do note that it expires Dec. 30,2010. )

If you want in on the deal:

1.Sign up for a Groupon account or if you already have an account  Sign in Here

2. Purchase your Groupon.

3. With in 24 hours your Pump It Up code will show up in your Groupon account.

I have been to the Bounce House but never Pump It Up. Have you been? What do you think? (I may wait to purchase until I hear some reviews.)

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