Groupon $17 Manicure=Great Christmas Gift

Today’s Knoxville Groupon is for Debra’s Nails Desire on Kingston Pike in west Knoxville. This would make a great Christmas present or stocking stuffer!

The deal is $17 for a $35 OPI Axxium gel manicure. This manicure is supposed to last for 14 days without chipping. (I bought one and I am really interested to see if it lives up to the claim. My fingernails go through a lot in 14 days!)

You can purchase one for yourself and one as a gift. If you want to get in on the deal:

1.  Go Here To Set Up a Groupon Account

If you already have a Groupon account Sign into your Groupon Account here.

2. This is Knoxville’s deal of the day.

3. Click on “Buy” and complete your order

4.Online Vouchers will show up in your account under “My Groupons” within 24 hours

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