Reminder! Knox County Public Library’s Food for Fines Is Today

Do you have a few overdue fines at the Knox County Public Library? I am ashamed to say I do right now. One of the boys dinosaur books has been hiding under the back seat of the van for about a month now. We did return it last week-but I am sure I have a fine. If you are in the same boat you might want to check this out- a library fine amnesty day! You can get rid of your fines and help a great cause. (If only UT did this for parking fines, graduate school would have cost a lot less.)

In lieu of collecting fines, the Library will be collecting food for the Second Harvest Food Bank on Tuesday, November 16. Just bring in your overdue material in good condition along with a nonperishable food item to any library location, and you will be back in good standing (Already turned in the material and just have a fine? Just bring a food item.). Up to $50 of fines can be relieved per account; one item will cancel out $5 of fines. Fees for Unique Management, lost or damaged materials do not apply. The most needed food items are canned tuna or chicken and peanut butter. For more information, please call 215-8767

I know if you have been couponing long you have a stockpile of cans of tuna. Even if you don’t have any fines if you are going to the library on the 16th take a few cans with you.
Thanks so much to Julie over at Sharing the Savings with You for this information!

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