Free Starbucks When You Register Your Card

If you received a Starbucks card for Christmas (sister-in-law) don’t forget to registers your card and start earning free Starbucks drinks! (You can register by clicking the “Register Now” tab above.

You will get a free drink on your birthday and can keep earning more free drin)ks when you reload the balance on your card.

If you did not get a Starbucks card in your stocking don’t worry- you can still get free Starbucks. The best way:

  • Earn a free Starbucks card using Swagbucks.
  • Register your Starbucks card online.
  • Earn more free Starbucks cards using Swagbucks. You can easily add that balance to your registered Starbucks cards.
  • As you use and reload your card you will earn free Starbucks drinks. Yeah!


  1. […], which means free diapers.  You could also redeem them for a Starbucks card and then start earning even more free Starbucks when your register your […]

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