Half Off Depot:50% off Apple Cake Tea Room

Today at Half Off Depot you can get $15 worth of food at drink at The Apple Cake Tea Room for $7.50.

I have several friends who take their daughters here once or twice a year for a special tea party.  I have heard rave reviews for their “friendship tea”. If you have been wanting to give it a try today’s deal is for you.


  1. My husband and I recently moved back to the Knoxville area from Georgia. We are both professionals while I am currently staying home with our two children (5 yrs and a baby). We went to eat at the Apple Cake Tea Room several times since we moved here and my in laws enjoyed going when they were in town. The first time we went we learned that they only had a hot dog and pbj of which my daughter eats neither so she sat patiently and waited for the grown ups to eat. We have no family here so we recently brought in something for my daughter to eat so that my husband and I could still come to eat at this restaurant. We had done this before as we called and they told us to bring her food with us and we would have to sit in a designated area. After lunch, the waitress informed us that the owner had charged us a fee for our child to eat the food we brought. I went to the owner and she proceeded to tell me how horrible the children make messes in her restaurant with the brought in food and I assumed that is why she charges a fee. She said I will remove the fee this time but you do not know how messy it gets with these children. The owner stated that many children bring in food and I sensed this was irritating to her. I suggested maybe she could expand her children’s menu. She stated she cannot please everyone and the fee was nominal. I will not return due to the principal of the matter and it is such a shame since our family enjoyed it previously. I do not feel like the owner or her front-end staff really desires children in their establishment. The reason I state this is due to when we came in and politely stated our daughter brought food as to sit in the designated area, whispering started and I was told it was going to be quite a wait. This critique is for all of us who have children who like more of a choice than a hot dog and pbj and enjoy feeling welcome where we are spending our money.

  2. Assistantangie says:

    Response to Miater 90–
    I have a hard time with your comments about the Apple Cake Tearoom. Every visit I have ever had at this restaurant has been positive with or without my children. The owner has been in business for over 27 years. I recommend this lovely place–it is a very pleasant and charming restaurant.

    If you do bring children, please respect the business and they will respect you. I understand the fee for bringing other food into another restaurant–for myself I think it is rude and disrespectful to the establishment.

    Blessings and happy eating!

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