How I Got 96 Pampers for $4.34 (Free after Cash Back Credit)

I know diapers are a big expense if you have a few little ones at your house so I thought I would share the deal I just got on a big box of pampers.

First I redeemed points I earned with Pampers Gifts to Grow program for a $10 gift card and a $3 off purchase of any Pampers code.

I had an $8.65 credit from a previous purchase.

I ordered Pampers Baby Dry Big Pack Diapers (96 ct.) for $21.99 from
Then I ordered a Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara for $5.59 from, this gave me free shipping. (Right now if you order one from two of these sites:, or you get free shipping on a $25 order.)

Pampers Big Pack (96ct)=$21.99
Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara=$5.59

-$1 coupon (these are listed by the products, you just click on it)
-$3.50 promotioal code from Gift to Grow points
-$8.65 cash back credit from previous purchase
-$10 gift card from Gifts to Grow points

Out of Pocket=$4.43 for 96 diapers and mascara shipped to my door!
Got Back=$5.25 cash back credit
Final cost=Free

I will use the codes on the pampers I got to earn more gift cards and order more diapers! This (and the amazon deals) is mainly how I save on diapers.
How do you save? Do you have any good tips?

By the way if you have not you can sign up for Pampers Gifts to Grow here. There are several free codes here to get you started! Also, if you are new to you can use code CoupKat at checkout to get 30% cashback on diapers and 15% off everything else.

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