My Big Plans for the Week (and Walgreens and CVS match ups)

Hope you all had a great Holiday. We had a wonderful time full of family, friends and traveling.

Now that we are home I plan to get back into my regular blogging, but I also have some other big plans for this week.

1.Play in the snow with the boys.
2.Getting my house under control. Now that we are home I have more unpacking and laundry to do than I even want to think about!
3.At least making a list of all my organizing goals for 2011. That is right I have declared 2011 the Year of Organization at the Van Dyke house. Stayed tuned for some posts and updates on how that will happen.
4.Detoxing my kids from all the treats they had this weekend.

That being said I am not planning on doing any shopping this week. (other than a quick run for some bread and fresh produce.) So, with limited time I did not put together a list of Walgreens and CVS coupon match ups this week. I wanted to link you to a couple sites that do have the match ups. Keep in mind not all the deals/coupons that are mentioned will work locally but it will give you a good place to start.

To find Walgreens deals here or here.

You will find CVS deals here or here.

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