Our Trip to House Mountain Christmas Tree Farm

I bought the Groupon to House Mountain Christmas Tree Farm and have been waiting, rather impatiently, to use it. Since being married THE HUSBAND  we have never had a real tree. We threw away our Charlie Brown tree last year and  I knew he could not argue with a coupon.
So, Saturday we went to buy our tree!  It was cold and drizzling rain- not exactly how I had imagined our first family trip to a Christmas tree farm. However, we had a fantastic time. The boys loved walking around and getting messy in search of “The Perfect Tree”. The Henry’s (the owners) were as nice as they could be. The trees were all clearly priced and well spaced so the boys could just run around while we looked at the trees. It took awhile for us to come to an agreement but eventually, and somewhat due to a loss of daylight, we did.

It was fun to watch the boys be totally impressed as THE HUSBAND cut down a tree. They were in awe. For the time being his superhero status has surpassed Iron Man and is second only to Spiderman.

When we went to pay for our tree there was a display of great handmade pottery. The artist who created it, Katrina Lowe, was there. She told me they were all handmade, lead free and food safe. If you would like to support a local artist or are looking for a unique local gift for this Christmas you can find her work at House Mountain Christmas Tree Farm or at Knoxville Soap, Candle & Gifts in Fountain City.

How about you? What kind of tree do you have this year real or artificial? Do you cut your own or buy one pre-cut?

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