ULoop-50% off Chick-fil-A

If you are a college student, know a college student or for some other reason have an email address with .edu at the end listen up.  You need to check out Uloop– it is mainly a site for college students to communicate, find jobs or housing etc, but they also have a deals section!

Today’s deal is $5 for $10 of food at Chick-fil-A. It is valid for one year, you can buy 3 per person and it is good at the downtown location, west town mall or west town double drive thru.

Again, to use Uloop you have to have an email address ending in .edu.

There is also a button that says “Get $10 for Sharing with Friends”. I obviously didn’t try this because I do not have the right email address but if you are the first one of you friends to get in on the deal share it and you could earn credit for future deals.
Thanks Jamie for the heads up! Has anyone else ever used this site? If you get in on the deal let me know how it goes.

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