Walgreens Store Guide-Start Saving Money

Here is an updated Walgreens store guide. If you are new to couponing and wondering how people keep getting all this free stuff?  This post is for you.

Walgreens is a great place to save on toiletry and cleaning items. Learning this system can help you make a lot of room in your overall grocery budget.

Read all of these tips but also get familiar with the Walgreens Coupon Policy. It is sometimes even good to print it and have it on hand in case you run into an issue at checkout.

Register Rewards

Register Rewards (RR) are manufacturer coupons that print from the Catalina machine next to the cash registers at Walgreens. 

Example: You buy a package of Pampers and get a $2 RR. When you use this on your next purchase Walgreens will submit it to Procter & Gamble (the manufacturer of Pampers) and get reimbursed $2.

Register Rewards will print when you buy participating sale items that are advertised in Walgreens’ weekly ad. Depending on the promotion going on they will vary in value and can be used on your next purchase.

Catalina machines are generally programmed to print one RR coupon for one qualifying item. If you purchase more than one of the same qualifying items per transaction, you will only receive one RR coupon.

If the store is not busy and you really want to buy more than one of a qualifying item you can request to do separate transactions and RR will print each time.

You can purchase different qualifying items in the same transaction and receive one Register Reward for each item.

You cannot “roll over” Register Rewards to do the same deal again.

Example:Diapers are on sale for $9.99 and you get $3 RR. You will not earn another $3 RR on diapers if you use the RR earned on the previous diaper purchase to pay, they must be used on a different item.

If there are two RR deals going on that work for you alternate between deals. This way, you can keep rolling the RRs over and over and paying very little out of pocket.

Example: Use the $3 RR from  diapers  in the example above to buy toothpaste that will give you a $1 RR.

You must have as many items as you have manufacturer coupons. I often refer to this as the coupon to item ratio. Only one manufacturer coupon can be used per item purchased.  Register Rewards count as manufacturer coupons -this is important to remember when making your Walgreens plan.

Walgreens store coupons do not count in your item to coupon ratio. Walgreens store coupons can be found in their weekly ad and in various free coupon booklets Walgreens will release and display in their store through out the year.

Tip: Buy one get one deals, 2 for $1 deals or clearance are great ways to add “filler items” and get the correct coupon:item ratio.

**If a Register Reward does not print you can speak to a manager, if that does not get you anywhere you can call the Catalina company at 1-888-8COUPON. In my experience they have been very helpful and will mail you the RR or a check for the correct amount.

Coupon  Use at Walgreens

You can stack (or use both) manufacturers coupons and store coupons on the same items. This can lead to some great deals(just remember your time to manufacturer coupon ratio.)

Combine Register Reward Deals and Coupon Stacking-By stacking a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon when buying a Register Reward item, you can often get items free or even make money on items you purchase.
Example:Colgate Toothpaste on sale for $2.49 and you get a $1.50 RR for buying it
-$1 manufacturers coupon from newspaper
-$1 coupon from Walgreens Store Coupon Booklet
Out of pocket=$.49 (+ tax)
Get Back=$1.50 RR for your next purchase
Final cost=Free + $1 overage after coupon and RR

The order in which you use your coupons is  important. Don’t ask me why it matters, but I find this order usually causes less problems and keeps me paying the least out of pocket.

$ off a $ purchase coupons (example $5 off $15 purchase)
Register Rewards
Buy One Get One Free Manufacturer Coupons
Any other Manufacturer Coupons
Walgreens Store Coupons

Don’t be overwhelmed by all this information. Start slowly and if you have questions- ask here or on Coupon Katie Facebook page. I would love to help and I am sure other readers would to.


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