Win A Free Semester At The Little Gym of Knoxville

Just in time to make an amazing Christmas present, I am excited to announce another The Little Gym of Knoxville giveaway- a FREE Semester of Class at The Little Gym of Knoxville!

The Give-Away is for a class for one (1) child to be used at The Little Gym of Knoxville or The Little Gym of Farragut for the winter/spring 2011 semester. This semester begins the week of 1/24/11.

Both of my boys attend a class at The Little Gym of Knoxville, and it is usually their favorite part of the week! They have a great time running, jumping, flipping, and playing games, and I enjoy watching them. They are learning athletic skills but they are also learning to listen, follow direction and work with others.

The staff at The Little Gym of Knoxville is energetic, attentive and positive. I have seen the staff patiently encourage my own children when they were less than confident about a skill. It is a great learning environment. Can you tell this is one Coupon Katie Giveaways I am super excited about?


To enter all you need to do is go to The Little Gym of Knoxville Contact Page and fill out the contact information.

In the comments section tell us why you would love to win a free semester and…

In the “How Did You Hear About Us” section enter “Coupon Katie”.


**If you do not enter Coupon Katie in that section they will not know to enter you in the drawing**

**The Contest ends on Sunday, December 12th at 12pm.  The winner will be contacted by The Little Gym of Knoxville Staff and will be announced on Coupon Katie.**


If you are not familiar with The Little Gym of Knoxville they provide non-competitive programs designed to build motor skills in a fun and nurturing environment, while fostering enhanced emotional, intellectual and social skills. You can read their Philosophy and Benefits to learn more about their approach.


  1. I am excited about this one. I would love to win this. My daughter took classes at The Little Gym when she was 2. She loved it. We have been wanting to take her back, but have not had the money. We were hoping to be able to start next summer again. It would be great to be able to start a semester early.

  2. We are both self-employed and are self-pay for the delivery of our second baby. I’d love for my three year old daughter to win a free semester at the LIttle Gym… what a great drawing!

  3. D. Beeler says:

    Love to see 4 yr olds running around inside on cold days, helps them
    sleep at night 🙂

  4. Tinaffy83 says:

    My two and a half year old hasn’t been to any group type play sessions and she would LOVE it!

  5. I love seeing everyone’s comments here. It is great to hear how much everyone would like to win. Thanks for leaving them, just be sure you are also leaving your info at The Little Gym of Knoxville Contact Page as per the giveaway rules. I would hate for anyone to think they had entered by just leaving a comment here.

  6. Sure did!…I wasn’t clear on where to do it (whether here or on their contact page), so I just did both :). Thanks for clearing that up though!

  7. What an awesome opportunity! Thanks for the chance to enter:)

  8. I would love to win the free semester at The Little Gym for the interaction and physical activity for my 2 year old!!

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