How We Saved $16 on Gas

Looks like gas prices are on the rise-again.  It was $2.96/gallon last night when we stopped to fill up our van.

So, I wanted to share how much we saved with my  Kroger Fuel Rewards points. And to remind you that right now if you give your Shell gas station receipt to the cashier on your next Kroger trip you will earn double fuel points on your purchases.

I had 800 fuel points on my Kroger card which means an $.80 per gallon discount at Shell stations. We bought 20 gallons at $2.16 instead of $2.96, saving us $16.
We fill up our van approximately twice a month. So if you just do the rough math- that is about $30 per month or $360 per year. Now obviously I may not always have that many points and gas prices fluctuate but it should give you an idea of the money you can start saving on gas if you are already a Kroger shopper.

I will take my gas reciept from last night with me on my next Kroger trip and earn double fuel points for our next fill-up.

Do you use Kroger’s Fuel Rewards program? What do you think? I had a few problems when the program came out redeeming points but now all the kinks seemed to be worked out at the station I use most often.


  1. There is one more thing that we do to fully utilize these savings. I have 3 teenagers so gas money has to really stretch, so we take at least 2 cars that are empty, or all 3 and get the full 35 gallons at each time. I just hold the pump and the kids move through the line. I have $1.00 off to go tomorrow with them. That saves me enough to fill my car up for free by the time i use the next 50cents that I have left after their fill up.

  2. I can’t believe you only fill up your van twice a month. How do you manage that? Our son is involved in hockey twice a week and it is about a 20 minute drive. I guess we just drive a lot. I always get gas at Kroger and save at least .10 a gallon per fill-up! I love the Kroger gas points!

  3. We also like to fill up both cars when I have lots of fuel points. We pull up on either side of one pump and Matt pumps the gas. Just don’t shut off the pump between cars. This might not work if you have two large vehicles because some gas pumps have a limit on how much gas you can get at once. I also like it because I don’t have to get out of the van!

  4. I am curious with how much you save on groceries how you had 800 gas points? I spend a ton on groceries (trying to get better) and have my Shell receipts doubled, etc, ALWAYS shop at Kroger and use my card and I never have more than @ 300. How do you get all those points?

  5. They don’t expire right away and you can save them. I can’t decide if it’s better to save them up or just use them as I earn them. I think the double points (with the shell receipt) will be ending soon.

  6. I let them accumulate. I only use them when they get up that high. The other times, I might only get $20 worth and use the 3 cents off only. That way, it does not take points off.

  7. I cannot believe neither THE HUSBAND or I ever thought of filling up more than one vehicle. Brilliant. Thanks for the comments and ideas.
    @ Pat, I also let them accumulate. Our monthly grocery (food, toiletries, diapers, cleaning etc) is $400, so with double points that is 800. I think the reason I had so many this time was because I bought some gift cards as Christmas presents and you got 4x’s fuel points for those.

  8. I consolidate trips. When I got out west for The Little Gym I try to do everything I need to do out there. Everything else (besides CCK) is pretty close to the house. Plus I have a 2 a day napper right now so we don’t go on a whole lot of outings.

  9. Mmslattery says:

    My Kroger card never works at Shell; so this is no deal for me.

  10. Do they participate in the fuel points program? Not all Shell stations in Knoxville do. The Shell station on Kingston Pike near the West Side Y does not 🙁

  11. I had 300 points when I filled up at the new Shell on Washington Pk at Home Depot. The pump took my Kroger card, but discounted the gas only ten cents a gallon. Lost the remaining 200 points. Won’t be stopping at Shell again.

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