Kroger: Saved 95% (spent $4.44, Saved $44)

I have never saved such a high percentage at Kroger on milk, cereal and other things my family regularly eats! Tonight I got some great deals:

4 Kellogg’s Special K-$1.99 (after $4 off 4 sale)
-2 Buy One Get One Free coupons
-$1/2 for the ones I was not getting free

2 Terra Chips-$4.99
-2 Free Terra Chips coupons I was mailed due to an error in one of their promotions
Final cost=Free

2 Horizon Organic Milk Half Gallons-$2.99
-2 $1/1 Horizon Milk printable coupons
-2 $1 off milk when you buy Kellogg’s cereal coupons (from Nurti-Grain bar boxes a few months ago)
Final cost=$.99 ea

4 Athenos Hummus-$.98
-2 $2/2 Athenos Hummus printable coupon
Final cost=all 4 Free

In the end I spent $4.44 out of pocket ($2.26 of which was tax) and saved $44. According to my reciept that is 95%.

It gets even better though, last Kroger trip I bought some of the Horizon milk and did not notice until I came home that I was charged $3.99 instead of $2.99. When I returned tonight I took my receipt to the customer service desk and found out Kroger has a fantastic price policy. If they incorrectly charge you for an item under $5 the first one is free then all other incorrect items are corrected. That means they refunded the $3.99 mistake and corrected the second by $1. They handed me a $5 bill!

Grand Total for my Kroger Trip- $0 out of pocket and $.56 back!


  1. Kroger is awesome, and things rarely ring up wrong, b/c this policy shows they take it seriously. They get right on the corrections (calling dept. mgr. to fix computers or shelf tags pronto) at my store when it has happened to me. If the item is over $5 and rings up incorrectly, they will give you a $5 gift card (according to posted policy at Cedar Bluff Kroger and it has happened to me).

  2. Honeysmith says:

    If you keep shopping like that and saving sooo much they will put you on extreme couponing!

  3. Ha. No no. I only bought 4 boxes of cereal, not 1100. :0)

  4. Kgeissbe11 says:

    so am i allowed to print of multiple horizon milk coupons?

    If so, can I use more than one of these coupons at the same purchase?

    If not, can I print off multiple coupons and use at different times?

  5. You should be able to print two horizon coupons per computer. Kroger has a new coupon policy that says you can use two like printable coupons is one transaction. So, yes you can print two and use two in the same purchase. I used two because I bought two half gallons. (you can use one coupon per item)

  6. Kgeissbe11 says:

    thanks so much!

  7. Juliea201 says:

    My Kroger has never let me use a B1G1 and then a 2nd coupon for the item I’m “paying” for. I usually go to the Clinton Hwy Kroger, and they are wonderful about coupons in general, never giving me trouble on electronics stacked with paper, etc. But I tried this once very early in using coupons and was told the B1G1 is for 2 items. I’d need to buy a 3rd item to use the $ off. Was that a fluke or…?

  8. You should be able to use one coupon per item as per Kroger’s coupon policy-

    I have never had a problem with this. If you are buying two items you should be able to use a B1G1 coupon and a $ off coupon for the item you are not getting free.

    Anyone else ever ran into this issue at Kroger? (I have had a problem at Walgreens, but never Kroger)

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