National Consumer Panel: Accepting New Applicants Again

The National Consumer Panel is accepting applications again.

The National Consumer Panel is free to join and once you are accepted you get a small hand held scanner to scan all the items you purchase. Once a week you transmit that information to National Consumer Panel and earn points for items from their Gift Catalog. Manufacturers and retailers  look at the information you send to them to decide what products to make and sell to consumers all across the country.

I applied and received a scanner a few months ago. I must admit I sill sometimes get all my groceries put away then realize I forgot to scan them. I do not get them back out.  Other than forgetting I have had no problems with the program. I am slowly but surely collecting point with my eye on a KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

If you are interested you can apply to be a member of National Consumer Panel here.


  1. Melody Seale says:

    I am also a panelist of this. I too forget often to scan. I have thought about sending it back but I would like to “cash” in my points first. Just not a whole lot of good stuff for the points I have right now.

  2. I applied for the scanner and they said they were out for this area. If anyone don’t use thiers please send it back for the ones that want to do this. Thank You, Jan

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