thredUp Children’s Clothing Swap Service-Has Anyone Tried it?

Thred UP is a children’s clothing swap service.  I received this email today:

The service is free to join and boxes of preloved clothes and toys costs just $5 plus shipping. Because we know you will love thredUP we’re giving new members a special, one-time offer of your first box on us (FREE! – you pay only $10.95 shipping).

Has anyone ever tried Thred UP? I am very interested to hear your opinions, it sounds like it could be a great thing!


  1. I did it when it was $1 deal on Deal pulp, i have yet to redeem it though, cause they don’t have what i want….so yeah, if i hadn’t just paid $1 I would be very unhappy right now.

  2. Also did the Deal Pulp and found that between deciding there were cool boxes and it was worth the hassle of joining Deal Pulp and sharing my credit card info (you know my history w/ that) and then actually receiving the Deal Pulp, there was nearly nothing left I was interested in. That was with three children of different genders to shop for and storage space to buy ahead in sizes. Because they waived their requirement to list a box in return for deal pulp folks and they’d obviously been flooded w/ folks buying boxes w/ the deal pulp, I decided they (the company itself) may not be around long enough to sit on the coupon code. I’d just gone through Mancino’s closing before using my groupon and didn’t want to lose it, so I selected a box of junior’s sized clothing for myself. A full week later I received an e-mail saying that the box was unavailable and to select something else. It was beyond picked over at that point – maternity and baby only or boxes listed by sellers w/ poor ratings for stained clothes and such. I finally found a box w/ junior’s sizes again and went ahead and chose it. I did get a confirmation e-mail two days later that the seller said it can be shipped to me. I’ll let you know what I think when I get it. I didn’t have a lot to lose for $1, but I’m not sure it was worth the hassle for more than that, esp. with a requirement to also send a box of hand-me-downs. I have plenty of relatives and friends that need ours.

  3. Box arrived and I’m disappointed. I would be really upset if I’d spent more than $1. I regularly shop the $1 thrift store for clothing in Powell, and would only have paid that for 3 items out of 10. Unfortunately those three items didn’t fit (one was clearly a child’s large – fits my 60 lb. 9 year old, but listed as an adult large that is more like a medium). Everything else was so worn the tags were completely unreadable, very pilled, picked, hem pulled out, etc. I would think you’d do better at garage and consignment sales.

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