Kroger:No More Combining E Coupons and Paper Coupons

I have received several emails and comments regarding stacking e coupons and paper coupons at Kroger.

Kroger’s site has said for a while that you cannot combine the two, it was only a matter of time before their computer system caught up.

This is a slight change to shopping at Kroger. It will do away with a few good deals, especially on Procter and Gamble products. That being said Kroger still has the best coupon policy in town. (And I think it is important to always follow store policy.)

Loading coupons for Kroger brand products is still a great idea. It will make already cheaper store brands a better deal.

It is still not clear on how the Cellfire and Shortcuts e coupons are working. I have received conflicting reports and the “cannot be combined with paper coupons” wording is not there as it is on Kroger’s website.

I am curious to hear you experience over the next few days. How do you feel about the change?


  1. Amandagiles73 says:

    I’m new to couponing and this was confusing to me, at first, since the policy didn’t match what happened at the store/check-out. I’ll be curious to see what others’ experiences are. I’ll want to take advantage of paper coupons that double rather than ecoupons…and will need to delete some off my card since they come off the card first….thanks!!

  2. THey take off the ecoupon first so be careful about which ones you load onto your card!

  3. It shouldn’t really be a shock to anyone. I can’t believe Kroger let us do it this long. Technically it was using 2 manufacturer coupons on one item. I was always curious as to whether or not Kroger was being reimbursed for both coupons. Either way, it is important to follow Kroger’s coupon policy if we want them to continue to be so coupon-friendly. I haven’t shopped with e-qs and paper qs since the change in policy, but the computer did beep at the end of my recent transaction (it was a small trip and only had a few paper qs). I asked if there was a problem, and the cashier just told me that it beeps alot now since the change with the coupons so that the cashier is reminded to be observant with coupons.

  4. When is this effective? I shopped there last night and it still stacked them.

  5. Will the register just “reject” the paper coupon if you already have an e coupon for the item? I often load coupons on my card and forget all about them. Does this mean I shouldn’t load so many to my card? I feel sorry for the cashiers at Kroger!

  6. I use the Cellfire & Shortcuts – but use them as a back up. They don’t work if I have the paper coupon – which is usually better. I hardly ever have them show up, but when they do, I just consider it a bonus 🙂

  7. Does anyone know if they will still “double” e-coupons that are 50-cents or less, or do they only do that with paper coupons?

  8. Only paper coupons double.

  9. Only paper coupons double.

  10. Chrissie says:

    no. the website said that regardless of policy for other coupons digital coupons retain their promotional value only and will not be doubled. I just read this on their site.

  11. Couponjillie says:

    I just wish I had known that they were not going to take both as I had a paper BOGO free but they wouldn’t take it because I had a $1 ecoupon on my card. When the cashier said she couldn’t take both, she still let some get through. She said she would just scan the paper ones and if they beeped then I couldn’t use them.

  12. Jredmond says:

    I shopped at Kroger’s in Farragut last night, 3/24 and the coupons from cellfire and shortcuts still combined with paper coupons.
    Where are the coupons for Kroger brand products on their website?

  13. Jredmond says:

    I shopped at Kroger’s in Farragut last night, 3/24 and the coupons from cellfire and shortcuts still combined with paper coupons.
    Where are the coupons for Kroger brand products on their website?

  14. Jaderbug42 says:

    This is how most businesses do it anyways. The last time I shopped at Kroger the cashier didn’t look at my coupons. I had multiple manufacture coupons (which I thought they tool multiple coupons) but there were two for the same item I had stapled together and she would only take one. And if you have a manufacture coupons plus a Kroger e coupon the manufacture coupons will be used and the Kroger will stay on your card. I’m sad to hear they will only be taking one coupon per item since I have just begun using coupons but it’s their policy. Rite Aid is really good with taking multiple coupons. And they also have a great savings card, Wellness +. Each week you can save on certain items and also receive coupons back for anything in the store.

  15. Gary Cincinnati says:

    My Kroger is still doing coupons the old way and I am in the corparate home town of Krogers (Cincinnati). Today they took up to 4 like coupons and applied eCard coupons on top of paper coupons. I took a chance because I had a lot of eCard and matching mnfg coupons that were about to expire. I suggest doing it until your store enforces the new policy. Sometimes you got to take chances.

  16. Hi Katie,
    What has been your experience with this new policy when you have shopped at Kroger since it changed? Thanks!

  17. Babygurl102786 says:

    I am an employee at th Kroger in Sevierville and just wanted to let everyone know that the stacking of the coupons is not allowed. I dont like this myself but we as cashiers are not allowed to do it. We have been told to explain to our customers that you need to watch which ecoupons you are loading to your card. Check your paper coupons first to make sure the value on those is not worth more than the value of the ecoupon

  18. Thanks for the comment and the tip on checking which coupon is more valuable.

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