*HOT* Power Bar Buy One Get One Free Printable Coupon just released another great coupon. THE HUSBAND will be glad to know about this.

You can print a Buy One, Get One Free POWER BAR® Harvest Bar when you buy one POWER BAR® Harvest Bar coupon now.


  1. I love your blog! I am in knoxville so it is great to see local deals! Another blog I discovered through a comment on your blog once was Rochelle at dollaroutofadime which is also a local blog. I noticed the other day her blog is completely gone, do you know if she is ok? I was so sad to see it gone! I love having deals posted specifically in my community! and thanks for sharing other blogs available in the area

    Thanks! Have a great day

  2. Hey Joy It’s Rochele, I am fine. You are sweet to ask about me, I am having some health issues {nothing serious I don’t think} but I have to totally change my diet and eat mostly organic and whole foods which I am researching and am over whelmed with;) I just didn’t have time to do a blog right now and I didn’t want to explain to the whole world I hope you understand. My family is growing fast, and I want to spend more quality time with them I can’t do that, blog and try to learn how to change my eating habits. Thanks for your kind words. ~Rochele

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