Knoxville News Sentinel April 1st Deal (save on your coupon inserts)

I am always looking for ways to cut costs around here on the things we use. So, the flyer in the Sunday paper  advertising a one day sale for the Knoxville News Sentinel caught my attention.

I have had a lot of trouble lately with inserts not being in the paper I pick up at the gas station near my house. I have been told the only way to guarantee the coupons will be there is to have your Sunday paper delivered. I ran the numbers and then decided to call and signed up for this deal.

26 weeks of Thursday-Sunday home delivery of the Knoxville News Sentinel for $38.44 or 13 weeks for $21.84.

Three (3) of those weeks there will be no coupon inserts. I did the math considering only 23 weeks  (the number of papers  I would buy to get coupons)

23 Sunday papers x $2 at the gas station=$46

23 Sunday papers (delivered right to my door and guaranteed to have coupons) for $38.44

If you have not had delivery of the Knoxville News Sentinel in the last 30 days and are interested you can call 1.800.237.5821 between 7 am and 4pm and give them the promo code FOOLS56 for the 26 weeks or FOOLS50 for the 13 week.  This deal is only good today April 1, 2011.


  1. Sara D. says:

    I’ve been wondering, as someone who only gets the gas station Sunday paper.. Do the daily News Sentinel papers have coupons too? Or is it just Sunday’s paper?

  2. When I started subscribing, they mentioned Wednesdays having coupons…but also said that if you subscribe, you have access to the online edition and can access the coupons that way. I’ve never tried it.

  3. Lacan3984 says:

    I deliver the newspaper in knox county. Perhaps it depends on where you live, but I have seen Sunday only subscriptions for about $1 per day. The News Sentinel began paying its carriers less for Sunday papers in January so their profits on Sundays spiked tremendously. You may have to negotiate a little but tell them you have friends that have 12 month Sunday only subscriptions for around $26 dollars a year and they will probably match it.

  4. I paid 52 cents per Sunday paper for a 1 year subscription this past November. It was a promo that said something about not having a lower price since 1960. It is Sundays only, which I love even more than the weekender b/c there is less recycling to deal with.

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