Lowe’s Free Tree Update- Get Yours Tomorrow 4/23!

I posted last week about Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores celebrating Earth Day by giving away 1 million trees tomorrow, 4/23/11.

I called a few local Lowe’s to confirm before I posted it and talked about it Monday on WBIR. Well, only one out of four stores knew what I was talking about so I really encouraged people to call their store before they went.

Today I received this update from Kathryn over at Knoxville on a Dime:

Fortunately my husband worked for Lowe’s for 20 years so we got some “insider” info =) The “trees” are saplings – no surprise. ALL Lowe’s stores are participating, whether the person on the phone knows that or not. The plan is to set up a table at Outside Lawn and Garden to give them away, no word yet on how many trees at each location but there are 1,000,000 trees and roughly 1600 Lowe’s stores.

So yeah! Free saplings tomorrow. I would encourage you to get to your store early I am sure this will be popular.

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