Publix: I Went and I Want One in Knoxville

For those of you that live near a Publix this may not be headline worthy news, but I went shopping at Publix!

I am in Nashville visiting family. The cold weather has canceled a few of our plans so my sister decided to spend this afternoon grocery shopping. She stopped by to say she was on the way to Publix, did I want to go with her? Did I want to go?!

I was practically jumping up and down. Here’s why:

1. My older sister, whom I never in my wildest dreams did I think would ever use coupons, has started couponing. It was so fun to watch. It is clear she is becoming hooked.

2.All I ever hear is how amazing Publix is. I have never been and I just wanted to see for myself.

For the most part it lived up to all the hype.

The store was clean and  bright, the people were friendly.

There were fun little ads with Publix coupons in them right as you walk in. At publix you can stack store and manufacturer’s coupons. Also, this publix doubled coupons $.50 or less.

The Buy One Get One Free items.  Oh the BOGO. They were everywhere, and much to my sister’s credit she had coupons to use on most of them.

There were several blinkie machines. In fact I found one that paired with a sale got us $.49  32oz. cans to tomatoes. Not too shabby.

So now I am sitting here wondering what will it take to get a Publix to Knoxville? (No, I am not giving up my love for Kroger, I’m just saying a Publix would make my coupon  life grand.)




  1. I would love to have a Publix in the Knoxville area. We lived in Florida for several years, and Publix was our favorite grocery store. Overall, the regular prices are a bit higher than at Kroger (not by much, but a little); but the BOGO offers! They’re on items that we actually use, and not just on junk food. And their bakery items, while rather expensive, are delicious. I have a whole binder of the recipe pages that they give out for free, and the meals are delicious. I just can’t give enough praise for Publix. And their customer service is great, too. One night we got there right before closing, but we didn’t realize that they were about to close. We had a major shopping trip to do, which took almost an hour. We were allowed, without pressure or comment, to complete our shopping. Of course, when I found out that we’d been shopping after closing and had kept everyone there, I felt a little guilty; but their take on it was very much a don’t-worry-about-it attitude. They’ve made it to Nashville and to Chattanooga, so it seems that Knoxville should be one of their next areas into which to expand. Hopefully, they’ll make the move soon.

  2. Smtucf16 says:

    We love Publix! They brainwash my child. He knows as soon as we walk in that he will get a cookie from the bakery and a balloon when we walk out. If only I could get them to give me a cookie for the baby in my belly!

  3. I love Publix too! I emailed the company asking them to build one in Knoxville =) Crossing my fingers!

  4. I love Publix too! I emailed the company asking them to build one in Knoxville =) Crossing my fingers!

  5. Tami Grandi says:

    the rumor is that we are supposed to get one (I emailed the company and asked but never heard back). Have they announced what “upscale” grocery store is going in at turkey creek?

  6. You’re lucky. Here in Morristown we don’t have any of the good stores. We have Walmart, Food City, Ingles and Food Lion. Sure those stores are okay, but what I wouldn’t give for a Target, Krogers, and yes, a Publix. What with gas prices at $100 an ounce, I won’t be going to any of those good stores anytime soon. 🙁

  7. Iluvanimals37762 says:

    I go to publix everytime Im in Nashville seeing family!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  8. I fell in love with Publix last summer. I had to take a child to an appointment in Chattanooga on Tuesday and was excited to do some shopping on the way home.

  9. I’m from Morristown also and wish we had a Krogers or a Publix would be wonderful.

  10. We used to live in Atlanta, where a Publix is on every corner. When we moved to K-town, we were SO dissapointed in the stores (and still are after 4 years!). It sounds funny, but everytime I have to carry my own groceries to the car, I get angry (they ask every customer, and do not want tips)! Guess I was spoiled! We did email them to ask when they would be building a store here and they said it would be within 5 years. Not sure if it will happen, but if we can get everyone to email them…

  11. Katie! Rumor has it we’re getting 5 🙂 Pyxl’s office is in the new Northshore Town Center, and the developer keeps telling us that we’ll have a Publix in that development in 2012. They just want to sign on 4 additional sites in the Knoxville area first. It’s still a little while away, but they’re coming!

  12. Amen sister! I grew up in South FL on Publix and have been praying for one ever since I moved to Knoxville in 1991. We were hoping that we had one coming, but turns out it’s gonna be an Aldi (that’s a good thing too, though). Here’s to dreams of Publix and their yummy deli, the terrazzo floors, wonderful store-brands and B1G1 deals and the super cool 1-cent deals!

  13. I miss my Publix in Atlanta!!! Every time I know I’m making a trip to Atlanta, I will check out their sale ad for that week and make a stop in Ooltewah and shop! If there is refrigerated stuff then I take a cooler 🙂 I REALLY wish Knoxville would get one.

  14. first visted a Publix in Ft. Mryers Fla loved the store and would love to have one in Knoxville

  15. I lived in Florida my whole life until we moved here 7 yrs ago! I still miss my Publix!! My friend comes to visit and always brings us carrot cake and sugar cookies from Publix! They are the best! If you are still there you need to visit the bakery and buy some!!! YUM!!

  16. Pappysmom says:

    I moved to Oak Ridge 6 years ago and promptly emailed Publix – begging them to come to Knoxville. The Admin Asst to the President of Publix called me (!) to tell me that Knoxville just didn’t have the demographics for a Publix store but Chattanooga would eventually have 3 stores which now they do and the closest one is off Exit 11. There aren’t any decent stores in Oak Ridge so we shop in Knoxville ~ and I have been known to drive to Exit 11 when I need something special from the Bakery dept!! We miss Publix and really hope that Nicole is right about getting one soon!

  17. Morristown gal here also…we really need a Kroger, Target or Publix…anything!!!

  18. I would love a Publix here in k-town. I was at a birthday party last year and the host’s son came in from Nashville. He brought the best red potatoe salad. It was from the Publix deli.

  19. definetly!! The buttercream icing is amazingly yummy!!! All the icing is great!!

  20. Publix has such an awesome deli and bakery! I keep hearing- from different people- one is coming to the Turkey Creek area and maybe Northshore. Still waiting…. for that, AND the Cheesecake Factory!!!


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