Recyclebank:165 Free Points, Great High Value Coupons

I often see posts about free Recylebank points and these amazing high value coupons your can spend those points on.

I have never really looked into Recyclebank because we take our trash and recycling to the dump ourselves.

I decided to at least sign up and look around a bit, just becasue I couldn’t earn point doesn’t mean my readers shouldn’t be.  I was so excited to see that even though we don’t use one of the waste service providers that partners with Recyclebank I can still earn points!

So it was on. I was ready to earn some points.

Right now you can earn up to 115 points with the Green Your Home Challenge.

You can earn 70 points in the Kitchen. I got all of these!

You can earn up to 45 points in the Living Room. I only earned 30, I think becasue I did not upload a photo but I am okay with that.

More rooms will be opened through the month of April, that means chances to earn more free points!

You can also earn a combined 50 points by taking the Aveeno Challegne. (Three different pledges that will post to your Facebook page.)

I now have 150 points in my new Recyclebank account and I am glad I took the time to sign up.

How about you? Are you already a member? What do you think? Do you have any tips for the rest of us?


  1. Couponingincriticaltimes says:

    WIth your encouragement, I just tried to sign up. They said that my address was not found, and didn’t give me a pin number. I’m guessing that my area is not part of their service area? Very weird since I’m in Fountain City, and I think that my neighbor uses this program. Any ideas? Did I click something wrong? Thanks for your help.

  2. It said the same for me. I think it is b/c we are not signed up with the service that partners with them so you cannot earn points for how much your recycle. You can still earn points by doing the challenges etc. try signing in and clicking on earn points. (there is also an explanation on the left side when it will not find your address. )

  3. Junk1111 says:

    How did you get the points in the different rooms? I clicked on all the + signs but only found 25 points in the kitchen?

  4. I love Recycle Bank. I have pick ups at my home twice a month. It feels great to recycle and earn useable coupons. Sarah


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