Target, Walgreens & Several More Compaines Involved in Database Breach

Wow looks like several companies were affected by the recent Epsilon email database breach. I received emails regarding the breach from Target and Walgreens today.

Added to the list is also New York & Company, The College Board, Capital One and Brookstone. You can  go here for the entire list of companies who have confirmed that customer names and email addresses have been compromised.

This is another reason why having a separate email account for deals and coupons is such a good idea.  Also, a  separate “deals email” will help you keep things organized and prevent you inbox from getting cluttered.


  • Don’t provide sensitive information through email. Regular email is not a secure method to transmit personal information.
  • Don’t provide sensitive information outside of a secure website. Legitimate companies will not attempt to collect personal information outside a secure website. If you are concerned, contact the organization represented in the email.
  • Don’t open emails from senders you don’t know.
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    1. I think its lame that people get so uptight about other people promoting their stuff.

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